Monday 16 March 2015

Oh The Stress!

Lately I have been feeling kind of stressed, this year is a big year for me and I am honestly not prepared for what is to come. Stress is the worst thing and pretty much everyone feels it, just to a different degree or intensity and unlike some I tend not to handle it too well. I often end up panicking too much or think that there is no way out and of course this is ridiculous because in most cases, for me anyway, there is always a solution or a way of overcoming an issue.

One of the worst things is feeling as if you can’t talk to anybody, as if there is not one person out there that can possibly feel what you are feeling or that can possibly help you to sort it out. Trust me when I say this, there is no point in holding everything in just to make everyone believe that you’re the strongest person in the world. We all know that perfection does not exist and so it’s not mentally or physically possible for flaws and worries to not exist – we have imperfections and that’s not a bad thing. You should never feel as if you have to hold it together all of the time. We are human for goodness sake!! We’re allowed to breathe and take time for ourselves!

If you’re feeling stressed, talk it out with someone or if you feel as if those around you won’t understand, then write it down just so that you can get it out of your system and look back at it and maybe that way, by seeing what the problem is, you can find a solution.

Some suggest that you should turn that feeling of stress into a positive emotion by doing something productive to make you feel as if you’re making progress – and by the way, this doesn’t mean working yourself into the ground to convince yourself that things will get better!!

I hope that you can find a way of easing your stress using the tips mentioned before and if all else fails just remember…“stressed spelled backwards is desserts”!


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