Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Bali Body Highlighter Sticks | AD

Shop it now: Bali Body Highlighter Stick (3 shades)
Hey lovelies!

Ahh this is such an exciting post for me and I can hardly contain my happiness! I have been following Bali Body for a while now and whilst I can't claim to be a self-tan connoisseur, I am a beauty fanatic so you know that the moment I saw Bali Body in my inbox presenting me with the chance to try out the first product in their cosmetic range, I couldn't help but jump at the chance!

The Bali Body Highlighter Stick is Vegan, cruelty free, universally flattering AND comes in three equally gorgeous shades: Sunkissed (bronze tones), Rose Gold (rosy tones) and Moonlit (champagne tones). The pigment on these highlighters is unreal and the fact that the product is buildable makes it so easy to go from a dewy, fresh-faced look to high-shine nightime glam - all bases are covered for sure!

Now I must admit that when I first tried this product, I was a little scared. I'm someone who dabbles more with powder products compared to cream/liquid products so having to use a liquid highlighter? Well, let's just say I was out of my depth!

Thankfully though, due to the consistency and each universal shade, I was able to quickly pick up the technique and find a way to apply it that suited me. I think that's what I love most about it to be honest; it serves its purpose without causing too much hassle or leaving you wanting to rub it off instantly - definitely a bonus in my eyes after some of the other liquid highlighters I've tried!

Where I applied 'Rose Gold' & 'Moonlit':
  • High points of my cheeks
  • Bridge of my nose
  • Tip of my nose (my favourite)
  • Cupid's bow
  • Brown bone
  • Inner corners of my eyes
  • Temples
  • Collar bone

With a little trial and error, I was able to figure out what beauty tools worked best to give me a seamless finish, no harsh streaks and maximum glow! A sculpting brush with soft bristles was my best friend especially for applying the product on my cheekbones because not only did it blend it to perfection but it allowed me to add just the right amount of highlighter without having to cake it on.

Let's be honest, the last thing you want is a beauty tool that takes away the main purpose of a product but I didn't experience this one single bit! If you're ever in doubt about what to apply it with, use your fingertips so that the product is warmed up and melts into your skin for that effortless glow from within.

Be sure to leave me a comment down below letting me know which shade is your favourite, will you be trying them out? Follow the links to shop the full cosmetic range and get your hands on these beautiful highlighters, you won't regret it!

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I showcase a look I created using all three of these stunning shades. You won't want to miss it since I do my best to capture that flawless Bali Body Babe glow that every girl loves, I'll see you very soon!

*Gifted but all opinions are my own*

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Winter Playlist 2020

Jonas Brothers, SSE Arena Wembley, 3/2/2020
Hey lovelies!

A blog post had not surfaced for the new year so I thought: "what would be the best way to ease myself into it all?" and of course the answer was to share twenty of my favourite songs from this season with you.

Thankfully due to Tik Tok and Shazam, the songs that I've listed for you down below make me look so versatile and I guess that it's this kind of variety in my life that always makes listening to music so fun. I've found that it's this constant yet exciting journey of finding songs that touch the soul in whatever way they please that gives me the most happiness. The best songs usually attach themselves to my many moods and prey on my emotions so much so that they embed themselves in my brain...I let them to be fair haha!

Anyway, without further ado, here are just 20 of my favourite songs from this Winter...

1. Piece Of Your Heart - Meduza featuring Goodboys
2. Saturday Nights Remix - Khalid & Kane Brown
3. One Man Band - Old Dominion
4. Raised On Country - Chris Young
5. Beer Never Broke My Heart - Luke Combs
6. Homemade - Jake Owen
7. Convenient - Lo Lo
8. South Of The Border - Ed Sheeran featuring Camila Cabello & Cardi B
9. Love Songs - Kaash Paige
10. Beautiful Crazy - Luke Combs
11. All The Good Girls Go To Hell - Billie Eilish
12. Roxanne - Arizona Zervas
13. Walls Could Talk - Halsey
14. Lottery - K Camp
15. Yummy - Justin Bieber
16. My Oh My - Camila Cabello featuring DaBaby
17. Wish You Were Gay - Billie Eilish
18. Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton
19. You're The One For Me - D Train
20. Magic Moments - Perry Como

Let me know in the comment section down below if you're loving any of these songs too and DEFINITELY tell me if you're a fan of Tik Tok, it's my guilty pleasure for sure so please share! 


Thursday, 31 October 2019

My Favourite Blogtober Memory - A Photo Diary

Blogtober Day Twenty Three
Hey lovelies!

Happy Halloween!! Now that Blogtober has drawn to a close and all the posts have successfully gone live, I think that it is high time I did a bit of reflecting!

My favourite memory from Blogtober has got to be the weekend that has just gone. My family, my boyfriend and I spent both Saturday and Sunday indulging in all things Halloween and that most certainly included carving my very FIRST pumpkin (mine is the witch)!

I adored being creative and also having the chance to have a mini shopping spree beforehand to find little bits and bobs that would make the whole weekend just that much better. The little sign, the sweets, the pumpkins, the Halloween headbands and the carving tools worked a treat! I even got my boyfriend to do my makeup on the Sunday (the result of which can be found on my Instagram haha) and it was all-in-all such a lovely, sweet success!

If you would like some spooky photos, feel free to peruse the photos that I have included down below and let's all say goodbye to Blogtober 2019! Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know if you enjoyed my content this time around. What was your favourite post and would you like to see me participate in Blogtober again? I want to know!



Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Why I'm On Board With Beauty Boxes

Blogtober Day Twenty Two
Hey lovelies!

Turns out I love myself a good beauty box! This sudden love came about when I was a scrolling through the Beauty section on the Boots website and found this fabulous deal where you could receive the above Beauty Edit Box had you spent £25 on selected beauty products. 

When I saw this deal and the fact that I could get a variety of products worth £40 for free, especially ones that are either new or highly recommended, you bet that I jumped at the chance! I'll tell you from now that there is nothing worse than buying a product with your own money and it ending up being a complete waste of time...

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to go through that pain but instead I chose the products that I needed and took delight in paying for them knowing that I was going to receive over double of what I had originally ordered - I was LOVING life at this stage hahaha!

The contents of the box, which you will see down below, had products that were for the most part very new to me. I really believe that opportunities or deals like these can reduce so much heartache and disappointment because you can fully enjoy and test out a product before purchasing it yourself.

Having tried some of these products over the last few weeks, I am glad to announce that I am very happy with everything that has been included. I have even added a separate section in my beauty drawer just for new products to make sure that I get round to using each and every item - such a chore right? (NOT)

Let me know if you love beauty boxes like these! Are you signed up on any beauty box subscription services? If so, which ones?


Tuesday, 29 October 2019

All I Need This Halloween!

Blogtober Day Twenty One

Hey lovelies!

With a sister like mine, I won't ever need anything else for Halloween. She is so talented and so beyond creative it's genuinely crazy! I love her to bits and I can't help but be in awe of both her skills and her ability to pick something up within a matter of seconds.

I've found that whether it's a look on me, herself or somebody else, she always takes SO MUCH pride in getting every detail right. She can take inspiration from something and immediately make it her own and personally, although I may be a little biased, it definitely turns out way better than the original.

Now I know that this may be a shorter post but I think that the photos and Elena's makeup artistry speak for themselves. I felt this appreciation for my sister/Halloween looks post was both necessary and super effective - afterall don't you want to look like a Halloween bride too?! Because same.

Side-note: If you're looking for someone to do your makeup for Halloween or any occasion for that matter, Elena Pylarinos MUA is always taking bookings so get in contact ASAP!

Let me know in the comment section down below which Halloween look is your favourite! Also, what will you be on 31 October? I want to know!


Elena Pylarinos MUA Socials


Monday, 28 October 2019

I Found Somewhere New

Blogtober Day Twenty
Hey lovelies!

So I found somewhere new today. I decided to go outside on my lunch break and just take a walk and it so happens that I found somewhere I haven't been before - Russell Square Gardens.

I sometimes forget about the kind of natural beauty we have in London because my weekdays feel like they are predominantly filled with busy roads, car fumes, dodging strangers in the street and trying to keep myself warm in this yo-yo weather that England is known for having at random times of the year.

For me though, on this date, I felt happiness. I didn't know that it could be as simple as finding a location that I haven't stumbled across yet and being able to look up at the trees, stare at the fountain, admire the hustle and bustle of people and be reminded about why I love nature so much. If you don't know already, nature helped me and calmed me when nothing else could and I'll always be grateful for it, always.

I'm excited to see what new places I can find as I force myself to venture out more instead of staying cooped up indoors to eat my lunch. I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes it can be so nice to keep warm inside but you don't really get to see the world that way, right?



Friday, 25 October 2019

Halloween Outfit Essentials With New Look!

Blogtober Day Nineteen
Hey lovelies!

So whether you're a major outfit planner or more of a last minute, slightly less organised individual you will be able to find 5 super easy, super simple Halloween looks in this post to try out this spooky season!

I really LOVE a bit of online shopping but what I love even more is finding a good deal on the items I want ASAP. Thankfully New Look are always bringing something new to the table and at very reasonable price too!

The 5 outfits that I have created down below may be a little superficial or not overly imaginative to some of you but I know that there are a lot of people out there who want a Halloween look that is completely fuss-free, easy to put together and very inexpensive.

If any of the above rings home with you then I hope you enjoy perusing the looks below and who knows, maybe you'll find your last minute Halloween costume for this year!

One important thing for me to add is: feel free to change things up! You can see from the images that I have incorporated a couple of options for the top half of the outfits and some others for the bottom half of the outfits because I know that not everybody will be into the same thing. I have tried to be as diverse with the looks as I can so with that said, let's get spooooooooky!


From Left: 1. Black Velvet Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, 2. Black Halloween Bat Cat Eye Sunglasses, 3. Black Bat Lace Halloween Mask, 4. Black Leather-Look Slim Block Court Heels.

From Top Left: 1. Brave Soul Bright Orange Halloween Creepin It Real Bodysuit, 2. Orange Glitter Pumpkin Bopper Halloween Headband, 3. Bright Orange Halloween Pumpkin Glitter Glasses, 4. Black Velvet Block Heel Sandals, 5. Black Leather-Look Mini Skirt.

From Left: 1. Black Halloween Skeleton Longline T-Shirt, 2. Black Halloween Skeleton Footless Tights, 3. Black Halloween Skeleton Knee High Socks, 4. Black Coated 'Life & Shape' Skinny Jeans, 5. Black Suedette Strappy Stiletto Heels, 6. Silver Halloween Jewel Face Gems.

From Top Left: 1. Black Lace Plunge Bodysuit, 2. Black Mesh Tutu Mini Skirt, 3. Black Notch Neck Strappy Bodysuit, 4. Black Spot Mesh Midi Skirt, 5. Silver Spider Web Halloween Hair Slides, 6. Black Glitter Platform Court Shoes.