Friday 31 July 2015

Recent Purchases Review: Benefit Cosmetics

After attending a little session with the Benefit Cosmetics beauty counter in London, I was in awe of all the amazing products that they had lined up! Benefit always seem to get it right whether it's with their bronzers (the Hoola bronzer is out of this world) or even with their fragrances (Laugh With Me Lee Lee has been a favourite of mine since I got my hands on the mini catalogue and opened that page and sniffed it for the first time!)

Also, it clearly goes without saying that the packaging for every single one of the Benefit products are oh-so-cute and too good to pass up so, if I were you, I would get that sweet face of yours to the nearest Benefit counter or store and get your hands on as many products - all within your budget of course!! :P


The Benefit They're Real! Colour range is honestly - and I never say this - to die for! It consists of the They're Real! Mascara in black, brown and blue as well as the They're Real! Push-Up Eyeliner in black, brown, blue, purple and green. I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the mascaras didn't come in purple and green to match the eyeliners but hopefully they'll come out with them soon (*fingers crossed!*)

After purchasing the They're Real! black mascara when it was first brought out, I knew that I would love any other colour that Benefit introduced! It was for this reason, that I purchased the blue mascara along with the purple push-up eyeliner and I have not been disappointed! I will definitely be taking these two products with me to Barcelona because blue waterproof mascara at the beach?! Yes please!! A girl needs to make her green eyes POP!!

The Benefit Porefessional is what every make-up lover needs to hide any unwanted pores, blemishes and minor imperfections. What's more, as a primer, this product can ensure that your make-up stays right where it should be! After applying it, your skin will feel super soft and airy due to the lightweight formula and plus the Porefessional primer offers protection from free radicals that can damage your skin without you even noticing!

Oh how I love this product!! I didn't know that my brows had arches until they were somehow manufactured with just a few swipes of a tiny little brush! I'm not a big fan of filling in my eyebrows, usually I just brush them through and I'm ready to go. I've realised, however, that once in awhile it's nice to give my eyebrows a bit more shape and pzazz (*cue the jazz hands!*) Who knows, I may just fill them in everyday for the rest of my life, worried that the arches may never return!!

Monday 27 July 2015

Khaki It Up!

Weirdly enough, I have never played around with bold or bright eyeshadows and I think it comes from the fear of it turning into a disaster, I mean who knew that blue and green didn't go together?! I remember spending ages staring at a palette and then randomly dipping my brush into various eyeshadows and as you've probably guessed, it didn't turn out all that good - to be honest, it looked like I had been punched in the face minus the pain and actual bruising of the eye - I created a makeshift black eye! 

This is probably why, when I sat down the other day, I decided that I would just take it one step at a time: lid colour, crease colour and then highlight! The only issue I had was finding a crease colour that was bold enough, without giving me the same black eye effect. Luckily, after swatching several shadows I decided on mixing a few together to create what I feel is a mermaid-type crease colour!

This is the same palette that I used in the last blog post but this time, I wanted to create a fierce and dramatic look for a night-out, so here goes...

1.  Beginning with the eyes, I applied a piece of tape diagonally on each eye starting just below the outer corner and finishing just below the end of my brow - this gave me the guidance that I needed to create a more precise look.

2. I defined my brows and then went in and applied the white shimmery shadow as a base for the lid and as a highlight for the brow bone and inner corners.

3. For the lid, I used the stunning khaki green eyeshadow all over and made sure to blend it out at the crease in order to make a smoother transition from one shade to another.

4. The crease colour involved the mixing of three different eyeshadows: sky blue, teal and copper brown; by doing this I was able to create a crease colour that gave the look enough depth and darkness to make it dramatic!

5. I then applied my black Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, making sure that the wings were big and bold to tie the whole make-up look together and I finished the eyes off with some mascara.

6. Afterwards, I put on my powder foundation, Maybelline Fit Me concealer and setting powder, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Chanel blusher in 'Candy'.

7. For the lips, I wanted to keep it neutral and let the eyes do all the talking so I applied 'Angel' by MAC and to tone it down I applied 'Créme Brulee' by Revlon - then I was done!


P.S. If you decide to recreate this look yourself, post a picture on Instagram and/or Twitter and make sure to tag me in it!!


Friday 24 July 2015

Beige For Good!

Hey lovelies, so I'm finally doing another make-up tutorial, it has definitely been awhile but thankfully the latest Accessorize palettes have given me the perfect excuse to put one together!

The palette I used here was the Accessorize Bejewelled palette consisting of 32 very pigmented shades, what more could I ask for?! My aim was to create a make-up tutorial that could work for those that, like me, wear glasses some days but not on others. I wanted a look that was both flawless and effortless without having to add too much product to make your eyes pop, so without further ado...

(Note: Instead of applying my general face makeup first, I decided to go straight to the eye makeup because of the fall-out from the shimmery eyeshadows.)

1. To begin with I applied a white shimmery eyeshadow as the base for my eyes, making sure to extend it up to the brow bone to act as a highlight.

2. For the lid, I applied a beautiful copper shade all over and blended it out to make the transition to the light taupe shade in the crease a lot smoother.

3. I wanted to make the eyes pop and add definition without it being too over the top so instead of a black eyeliner, I chose brown and gave myself some wings! I finished off the eyes by applying my mascara, popping some of the white shimmery eyeshadow used before in the inner corners and defining my brows.

4. My face make-up consisted of my Maybelline Fit Me concealer and setting powder, Benefit Hoola bronzer and my Chanel blusher in 'Candy'.

5. Lastly, for the lips I used my new favourite lipstick 'Beige for Good' from the Maybelline SuperStay 14hr range and voila!!



Glasses: Karl Lagerfeld


Monday 20 July 2015

Bored this Summer? Not Anymore!

During the study period or when's school is in session, we always look to the light at the end of the tunnel or the unforgettable feeling we get when Summer has officially started. It's exciting and you sit there, procrastinating might I add, thinking about all of the fun things you'll be getting up to this Summer. There's those endless invitations to pool parties, smoothie dates, Netflix marathons and those all important beach dates but if you're like me and you live in the UK, you don't know where the best smoothies are, you don't have a subscription to Netflix and there is no beach, well you're left feeling a little bit need a little help!

So without further ado, here are 10 things you could do this Summer...



Without a doubt, scrapbooks are awesome because not only are they fun to put together but I find that it's always nice to be able to look back and reminisce about the good ol' times! Grab some photos of you with your friends/family, get all of those cinema tickets you've left lying around and create some crazy collages with anything that reminds you of a special day or even of any of your favourite memories!


Urgh that dreaded moment when you actually have to care about being organised, but I will tell you one thing, it can be fun! I like to organise my life with pretty journals where I can write down my to-do lists and any ideas that I have throughout the day - that way it's easy to find everything when my poor brain is too tired to remember!


Beautiful Instagram and Tumblr-like pictures? Yes please! Picnics are one of the little things in my life that give me a lot of happiness. Some consider the whole concept as something they did when they were five, I however think of it as an excuse to get together with my friends and eat really good food! It's certainly a great way to catch up on everything that has been going on in each others lives but it's also a chance to enjoy the weather and the scenery before it's too late!


One of the best things to do in Summer is make a playlist! I love to be able to have one place that I can go to with all of my favourite tunes so that I can listen to them over and over and over again!

These are the songs on my Summer 2015 playlist, enjoy perusing!


This picture makes me drool!! Baking a cake is fun but when you get to decorate it with melted chocolate, that is when the fun really starts!! I made this cake with one of my friends and we had the best time, it's a great way of spending time with those that you care about and just enjoying their company - I really want to make brownies now though, it's a vicious circle!! :P


Whether there is a new hairstyle you've been wanting to try out or a different eye make-up look, Summer is the time to actually go for it and see what does or doesn't suit you. I've been trying out these temporary tattoos and I love them, mostly because they're a great way of expressing myself without having to make a lifelong commitment, i.e. a good choice for those who may want a tattoo in the future but are just a tad scared!


In other words, lazing around with friends/family and watching some of your favourite movies or TV shows *cough 'Friends' cough* Snacks are a must here, healthy or not, you need them! I decided to grab some chocolate goodness and to make myself feel better about eating so much chocolate, I got out the strawberries and cherries - I practically ate them all myself, I couldn't help it!


I have found that during the school term I rarely have time to read the books outside of the recommended reading list and don't get me wrong the reading you have to do is not that bad and can be quite interesting! However there have been a number of books just sitting on my shelf calling out "read me, read me!" and each time I've had to say "no, not yet!" (this is all in my head of course) - this definitely includes Paper Towns by John Green - I wanted to read it before I went to see the movie!


This is my idea of getting active and call me a five year old but whenever I go to the park I always have a lot of fun - I mean the swings people, the SWINGS!! I am always tempted by the climbing frame and the slide but I have to remind myself that I will, most likely, get stuck midway so...yeah! Anywho, sports such as basketball are quick and easy ways of getting fit without it having to become tedious, plus it's free!


If you're going on holiday this summer then chances are you'll be super excited and would have already packed your suitcase, oh who am I kidding, I'm not even that organised! One of my favourite things to do, about a week before I leave, is choose what outfits I'm going to wear and with Barcelona as my chosen destination, I get to pick bright and flowy pieces to add to my holiday wardrobe!

Friday 17 July 2015


I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week and that you are enjoying the summer weather wherever you are! London has been experiencing a lack of this mentioned summer weather but I have managed to stay warm inside while I've been putting together some new blog posts for you all to see! Speak soon my lovelies!!


P.S. Comment down below what you have been loving this week, I want to know!

FASHION: Off-the-Shoulder Trend

(ASOS - From Top Left) 1. Jersey Swing Dress, 2. Festival Crop Top, 3. Open Back Top, 4. Gypsy Top, 5. Crop Top in Sun and Moon Print, 6. Boohoo Shoulder Swing Dress

The off-the-shoulder trend has struck and I have been loving the freedom that comes with shoulder-bearing outfits! Most of the pieces are very light and airy which is perfect for the hot summer weather and the boho-inspired looks are good enough for any summer festival!

BEAUTY: Accessorize Bejewelled and Exposed Palettes

These two palettes from Accessorize are an absolute must! The shades are extremely pigmented and with an assortment of matte and shimmery shadows, you cannot go wrong! I'll be sure to do a few posts using these palettes in the near future - they're too good not to try out!

INSPIRATION: Life is like a camera...

I thought that this quote was quite clever and very, very true! I have found that people spend most of their time putting others down instead of focusing on and improving themselves and trying to become a better person. I like to live my life by being caring towards both myself and others. If I have an insecurity, I try and work on it and if I make a mistake (or a few) in my lifetime then I'll take it with a pinch of salt and learn from it. It is all about growing and becoming the best version of yourself, it may sound difficult but you'll find a way!

MEDIA: Justin Timberlake Medley

When I came across this on YouTube, oh my was I in love! Kurt Schneider has nearly 6 million subscribers and is incredibly innovative with his videos and who he features in them - definitely go and check out his channel! This video sees Kurt combine Victoria Justice and MAX to bring viewers the coolest Justin Timberlake medley I have heard! You'll hear some of the best JT songs such as Cry Me A River, Senorita, Mirrors, What Goes Around Comes Around, Dead and Gone, Suit & Tie, Sexyback and even Bye Bye Bye for those N-Sync fans!!

RANDOM: Divergent

Is it just me or was everyone pretty much in love with everything about this movie?! I was a bit, okay, maybe really late with this one but I had heard about the Divergent movie awhile ago but I didn't get round to seeing it - I know, shame on me! Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Theo James were all perfect for their roles and I was not left feeling disappointed but rather as though I wanted to watch the whole movie again! I really need to see Insurgent and cannot wait for Allegiant, you can probably tell that I'll be a superfan by the third movie! :D

Monday 6 July 2015


Hey lovelies!

You have probably seen the #EssieSeries on my Instagram and Twitter accounts and it is no lie that I have fallen in love with each and every nail polish that I have put on my nails!

Essie has a diverse range of colours and shades to suit your fancy and with Summer making its presence known in our day to day lives, I think it's about time we started a party, even if it's just on our nails!! :D I don't know about you but during this time of year I adore brightly coloured nails that stand out but until I can get my hands on the Essie Summer Collection 2015, I'll have to stick to the colours I have - oh having such beautifully painted nails is such a drag...enjoy!!

P.S. Comment down below which of the Essie nail polishes is your favourite!


'Go Ginza'
Perfect for...a date with that special, special someone, am I right or am I right? (major Amanda Bynes in 'She's the Man' moment there, woah!) Anywho, this pastel shade is subtle but often leads to many becoming baffled by whether it is pink or lilac?! It's both people, it's playing a trick on you!! :P

'Bahama Mama'
Perfect for...those exotic locations where bold nails cannot go unnoticed. The name just reminds me of well, the Bahamas, but also the sun, sea and sizzling hot bikinis (a little bit weird but just go with it!). You'll be at the beach and drinking those smoothies in no time!

'Stones n Roses'
Perfect for...those cool summer mornings spent at a coffee shop hid away in a quiet street - picture this - the sun is shining, you're drinking an artistic latte and you've delved into your favourite writers' latest novel, mmm relaxing!

'Mint Candy Apple'
Perfect for...a day at the theme park or the fair, I mean who doesn't want to be surrounded by candyfloss, sweets and roller-coasters all day long, um *nervous laugh*, unless of course you don't like that stuff...moving on!

'Spin the Bottle'
Perfect for...a wedding, bride or not, this simple yet classic shade of pink is effortless and gives you that manicured look without having to pay a great deal of money, perfect!

'Maximillian Strasse Her'
Perfect outdoor concert at sunset or a picnic at the park with friends and family. The cool-toned blue allows any and every outfit to be complimented, which means, no fashion faux pas here!

'Fifth Avenue'
Perfect for...making a statement in a big crowd and trust me, red nails (especially of the fire engine red kind) are always complimented! Pair it with a red lip and an LBD and you're set with just the pop of colour you needed!

Friday 3 July 2015

Prom 2015

Hey my lovelies!

I recently had my prom and thought that I would share with you what I wore since there may be a few of you that are having a late prom or an event where fancy/formal dresses are required!

Weirdly, finding the dress was one of the easier parts of the prom process because I knew that I wanted one in a blush pink shade and because I wore a long dress to my last prom, I wanted to change it up and find something shorter - this latter detail changed however when I found this beautiful dress on the ASOS website! My body shape (pear) means that I have a small waist and curvier hips and I wanted to balance it all out; this dress and its style definitely helped me to achieve the look I had in mind.

The make-up followed suit and I chose to go for a natural and glowy look. My everyday look didn't suffice so I aimed to amp it up with some eyeliner, bronzer, defined brows and a darker lipstick - MAC's Velvet Teddy to be exact!

The hair came last and I honestly had no clue on what I wanted to do! Believe it or not I do not own a curling wand and I was in desperate need of one since my straighteners decided to give up on me and give out their last puff of heat - it was a sad moment indeed, so I went ahead and purchased one and then the fun began! I decided to curl my hair then grab two 3-4 inch sections, braid them (one on each side) and then tie them together at the back of my head with a thin elastic and voila, a greek goddess inspired hairstyle!!

I hope that you manage to get some inspiration from this post and if you are attending a formal event such as your prom, comment down below with any ideas you have for your outfit, hair and make-up!