Monday 21 September 2015

Kendall To The Runway...

Hey my lovelies!! I hope that you are all having a good start to the week - I know that not everyone loves Mondays but we all get through them eventually!! I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts recently but what with my schedule changing and a move of location, it has been absolutely manic!

Anywho, I was recently looking at pictures from New York Fashion Week and noticed that Kendall Jenner's look at the Diane von Furstenberg show was pretty popular so I wanted to recreate the makeup look for you along with a more wearable curl to the hair...enjoy!!


Images from: Google

1. To start off the makeup, I concentrated on the main feature of the entire look - the eyes. So, using the Accessorize Bejewelled palette, I applied the white shimmery shadow all over the lid as a base and then went in and applied the beautiful electric blue shimmery shadow, making sure to pack it on to get the intensity I wanted.

(TIP: before applying the blue eyeshadow, put a small piece of tape starting at the end corner of the eye all the way up until the end of your eyebrow to get that sharp line - almost like a wing!)

2. After that, I used the army green shadow to line the lower lashline and smoked it out ever so slightly to get that mysterious look that Kendall was rocking!

3. For concealer, I applied Maybelline's Fit Me concealer and powdered that with the matching Fit Me powder.

4. Kendall had more of a pinky glow on her cheeks so I applied Benefit's Hoola bronzer with a light hand and then applied Benefit's Dandelion blusher on the apples of my cheeks, dragging some of it along the cheekbones. Following on with the Benefit products, the brows were the work of the infamous brands' Gimme Brow.

5. To finish off the eyes, I added some mascara and then it was time for the highlight! I used my No7 Opal highlighter along the bridge of my nose, my forehead, cheek bones, cupid's bow, inner corners of my eyes and a little bit on my chin.

6. Lastly for lips I used Superdry's lip crayon in Candy Pink as a base and L'Oreal's lipstain in Romy to top it off. I noticed, however, that this was a little too pink for the look and as another one of my tricks, I used the same white shimmery eyeshadow as before to lighten it up - it worked!!


Friday 11 September 2015

Brace Yourself!

Hey there lovelies, I hope that you are having an awesome day and enjoying the new season!! I am currently debating whether or not to get my fluffy socks out so that my feet aren't so cold (update: I put them on) - the weather here has certainly changed but I'm looking forward to piling on the layers and wearing my new clothes!

I'm not sure how many of you are in the process of getting your braces or have already got them on but as a (once) brace-wearer myself, I have learnt a thing or two that can help you if you're definitely thinking about getting braces or simply want to know a bit more about my experience.

In this post, I have included a list of pros and cons and a few pictures to show you what lurked behind that closed-mouthed smile of mine that can be seen on my Instagram (@notvicarious) and Twitter (@not_vicarious) - shameless plug I know but someone's got to do it!

Read on...


The day I got my braces on!                                        The day I was going to get them off!


After I got them taken off!! :D
  • Changes: Amazing to be able to see the transformation.
  • Pouting: My braces gave me the appearance of slightly fuller lips - to the point where my sister would always say that I was pouting.
  • Tightening: When you get them tightened there's more slight pressure than actual pain.
  • Early: Get them in early and you won't have to worry about them later.
  • Show Them Off: If you're confident with wearing them, you'll be able to show them off and I heard that at one point, they were the "cool thing" to get!
  • Plenty of Options: You can choose to have different colours on your braces and you can change them up every time you have an appointment.
  • Cool Tools: I'm not sure if this was just me, but I got excited with all of the brushes I would use to clean my teeth with - they were so small and cute!
  • Breakages: If the wires break or the brackets come unstuck, you don't need to worry about it because these issues are easily fixable. If it's giving you a lot of pain or discomfort, phone into your orthodontist to get an emergency appointment!
  • Food: One of the most annoying things is getting food stuck in your braces. I mean, the amount of stuff you can get out with just one toothpick is mind-blowing but kind of gross at the same time!
  • First Week: I found that I couldn't eat solid/hard food for just over a week (I cried on the very first day - I was in that much pain).
  • Wobbly Teeth: I'm not going to lie, I could feel my teeth move when I would take my elastics off or simply press my tongue against them. Now, I don't mean 'wobbly' as in when your milk teeth were about to fall out, just wobbly in the sense that they didn't feel set in place. I was informed by the orthodontist that this was completely normal - they have to move to get into the right position, they would stop "moving".
  • Breakages: They are a pain!
  • No Chewing Gum: WHAT?!?! Yep this is a definite con, I haven't chewed gum in over a year and it's safe to say that I'm going crazy without it - Polo or soft mints can only do so much! I know plenty of people that have gone against their orthodontists advice with regards to chewing gum - rebels! :D

I hope the cons haven't outweighed the pros!

Anyway I just wanted to say again that I'm not here to scare you, trust me!! I used to spend ages watching videos of people getting their braces on or reading the pros and cons of the entire process - I scared myself a few times but when you actually have them on, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!

I hope that you have found this helpful and if you have, comment down below! Also tell me about your experiences with braces - I'd love to hear them!


P.S. It took a lot of courage to put up the images of me wearing braces so go easy on me!

Friday 4 September 2015

I'll Be There For You...

Hey friends!! I hope that you are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend, I sure am! So, if you haven't figured it out already, I have a huge obsession with 'Friends', it's such a feel-good show and is full of comedy that never ages!

I wanted to take the time today to reminisce on some of my favourite parts of the 90's and help you get some inspiration from a show that embraced it all during its first six seasons!

Enjoy taking a walk back in time through the much beloved 90's hair, makeup and fashion!


P.S. Let me know what your favourite moments are from Friends, I'd love to hear them!


Monica: The high-maintenance but easily loveable brunette beauty of the group! I adore her hair simply because of the amount of volume it has; honestly season 1 of the show - gorgeous! My hair is definitely not super thin but it lacks the general "oomph" that Monica had when she was sporting her shoulder length hair in the early episodes. This of course changed when Phoebe mistook Demi Moore for Dudley Moore and gave Monica haphazard helmet hair! All in all however her hair throughout the seasons gets better and better, I mean the Barbados hair and the cornrows - "it's a treat for the eyes and the ears!"

Fall Trends: Straight hair is making a comeback in September but tousled waves are here to stay.

Rachel: The one whose hair is talked about the most! I'm not even joking, the first thing that comes up when you type "rachel friends" in the Google search engine is "hair", that's how much of a hair icon she was and still is to so many! The "Rachel" was all the rage and for those of you who don't have the faintest idea what that is, just look at pictures of Rachel's hair in season 1 and then you'll know. I personally can never get enough of her long hair in season 5, I mean who said hair extensions don't come in handy?! It's safe to say that Jennifer Aniston's hair is a treasure, so much so that when Rachel recalls the moment her hair got caught in the chain of a swing when she was little, she cries "it was uneven for weeks!"

Phoebe: Oh Phoebe! She's crazy isn't she?! I love her kookiness and her strong inability to care about what others think of her and her hair? Well it has a mind of its own but it's definitely pushed me to try out new styles even if I've convinced myself that they just won't work! The good thing about Phoebe is that she cares about hair, for example, when she's finally convinced to cut Monica's hair, she talks to the hair and says "now some of you are going to get cut and some of you aren't", you know...just in case they were scared...all hail Phoebe Buffey!!


Fall Trends: glowing skin, bold lip colours (red or cherry pink).
What I love about the makeup on Friends is that it was very dewy and fresh and the no-makeup makeup look was at its finest! Obviously it's great to play around with makeup even if that requires putting a lot on but when you're having those lazy days or just prefer to be au-natural then it's great to be able to limit the number of products that you use. 

After looking at quite a few pictures it seems that, at most, the makeup artists on set applied a light foundation or tinted moisturiser on the face, some concealer, a light brown eyeshadow, mascara, light pink blusher and a nude lipstick. I'm definitely a huge fan of the red lipstick that Monica wears in the early episodes along with the muted eye makeup - sometimes, all you need is a pop of colour to brighten up any look!


Fall Trends: High-waisted pants and feminine jewellery.
It was only a few days ago, when watching the Friends Fest on Comedy Central, that I realised just how much I loved Monica's style and there is no doubt that she had a few fashion no-no's whilst on the show but for the most part she looked casually chic and elegantly put-together! Some of my favourite "Monica" pieces include the red bikini she was wearing when she got stung by the jellyfish, the crop tops, the high-waisted pants and the tie-up shirts. Also I've got to mention the pink dress she wore on her date with Chandler (the first time he tried to propose) and the red dress she wore to her rehearsal dinner - love, love, love!!

Fall Trends: Sheer black tights, polo necks, black boots and plaid (esp. red plaid).
Rachel, since the very start of the show, was a fashion inspiration for many and whether the viewers wanted to grab themselves their own denim vest, mini skirt, cropped tie-up shirt or knee-high socks - Jennifer Aniston's character was the one to show them how to wear it all! Looking back at photos from the series, it is so cool to see how Rachel's style developed from her coffee house days to when she worked at Bloomingdales, all the way up until she was going to resign from Ralph Lauren and get a job in Paris. She is certainly one of my fashion inspirations, probably because she had the nicest coats (the red one with the black faux fur, am I right or am I right?!) and the best officewear...lets just have a moment...

Fall Trend: Eclectic Fashion - bold shapes, bright colours and strong patterns.
I've got to say that Phoebe's fashion is one I can't relate to that much but the good news is she loved her denim shirts just as much as I do and those jumpers are the right side of comfy! I always admired Phoebe for always wearing so many rings, I wear two rings (maximum) daily and I get a little huffy when I dry my hands after I wash them and the rings keep turning round and round, all the while my hands still wet! She is definitely a patient woman, I'll give her that!

Images: Google