Monday 26 October 2015

Fall/Autumn Outfits 2015

Hey my lovelies!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and are looking forward to Halloween this weekend!! This post is coming to you out of my strong love for fall/autumn and the darker colours that accompany it. I don't really know what it is about these colours that make me feel warm and cosy, it could just be the thicker material that my clothes are made from, yep I think that we'll go with that!

I am so excited to show you the outfits that I have put together using all Topshop items! I love Topshop and the different styles that they present in every piece of clothing! You can get all of your basics from there but you can also find some really intricate or unusual pieces.

I hope that you can take some inspiration from the outfits that I have created, enjoy!



This is definitely the best way to start your week! What could possibly be better than sporting a pair of olive green jeans, a super breathable turtleneck and black patent shoes? The fake crocodile purse is there to give you that added touch of sophistication for the first day of the week and with all of these staple items, you couldn't possibly go wrong with this outfit!


Autumn weather can be quite confusing what with the sun shining and it being really chilly at the same time so be prepared with a little bit of layering. This suedette leather jacket is gorgeous and as your outer (and warmer) layer, pair it with a t-shirt underneath and some simple black velvet jeans and strappy sandals. Also if you ever find yourself never having enough space in your bag for everything that you need, pick up a hobo bag because they honestly resemble the TARDIS, so...


So it's mid-week and you're feeling, well, not that great! The week seems to be dragging and you just can't be bothered? I thought so! This is what the oversized shirt was designed for because you can pair it with a bright pair of jeans, tucking it in loosely in the front, adding a blazer to keep your look put together and slipping on those booties and that oh-so-cute backpack and you are ready to go! Easy peasy!


I think that this has got to be my favourite outfit, I love them all but there is something about this one that screams Farrah Fawcett (queue the images of Farrah on a skateboard)! This outfit would be great for after that lazy day when you feel as if you're losing your way and you want a little pick me up, back into the 70's. This is super easy to put together and with a trench coat like this, you'll never go out of style!


It's Friday and why not show it with a few statement pieces! I don't know about you but I think that lace is a must when it comes to your wardrobe and if you don't have any pieces to show off then go ahead and grab this lace bralet and a-line skirt, you won't regret it!! Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate this coat...(*moments over*)...woah! I could not think of a better, more cosy coat to wear, I mean look at it!! It's like hugging a huge teddy bear!! Mind. Blown.


This look is guaranteed to get heads turning! I love the idea of pairing lace-up boots with a really nice flattering dress or playsuit and adding a thick coat to give me that extra warmth as the temperature drops. I fell in love with the croc-effect shopper bag, it looks so stylish and designer-inspired in the you-don't-have-to-empty-your-entire-bank-account sense! This outfit would definitely be perfect for a night out with the girls!


I am always hung up on the idea of Sunday chic, I can never get it right let alone have the right pieces in my wardrobe. Sunday for me is the end of the week and as the end of the week I want to be able to show off my style without having to compromise how comfortable I feel in my outfit. This is why wearing a super comfy pair of jeans, a white shirt and cosy jacket along with shoes that make you feel like you're wearing your slippers all day are the perfect options. Also, for those Sunday errands, carry an across-the-body bag to leave your hands free.