Friday 14 September 2018

Autumn Favourites

Hey lovelies!

Have you ever had a shopping trip that was so perfect that it felt like everything just clicked into place? I had that when I was Greece and you're probably thinking: "will she ever stop talking about her holiday?!", but I can redeem myself by telling you that everything I picked up was simply for the Autumn season that we've entered! I was honestly so happy every single moment that I was walking around my newfound love, Stradivarius, a store that we found in a huge mall in the suburbs of Athens. I can definitely see a few more shopping trips taking place in the future now that I know that there is a Stradivarius in London, eeeek I'm thanking the universe for that one, I am beyond ecstatic!

Before I let you peruse my Autumn favourites, be sure to head to the comment section down below and tell me your favourites for this beautifully crisp season! Will you be picking up any of mine? I want to know!
Actual Bag: (Unavailable Online) (Similar)
Never have I found a bag so perfect, so easily! I fell in love with this the moment I saw it, literal love at first sight! I have been trying to change up my style recently and wanted to find some new items that are more in keeping with the vibe that I'm trying to go for and I think that this is perfect for me!! The silver detailing is beautiful and the leopard print scarf accessory keeps me on trend and plus it's a little bit fancy too! Honestly, no amount of exclamation marks will convey my true emotions for this bag, so instead I will let you stare in awe at this photo just as I'm doing now haha, enjoy my loves...

Actual Belt: (Unavailable Online) (Similar)
...and we're back in the room! I have wanted this type of buckle belt for so long that buying this one should be classified as an overdue purchase! I first saw this style of belt on Tess Christine and instantly fell in love with the way that she paired it with her mom jeans and high-waisted jeans too so instead of living vicariously through her fashion and her photos, I got myself my own one to live out my dream of donning the Western style buckle belt, howdy!

Actual Belt: (Link)
I think that I have always liked the idea of the minimalist look or a capsule wardrobe and I feel that this belt would definitely have to be included in that category seeing as it goes perfectly with almost every type of outfit. I love the simplistic double ring buckle that slots well into the holes in the belt strap, giving you a cleaner look and an interesting twist on securing your chosen item of clothing!

Actual Boots: (Link)
The most gorgeous pair of boots for the Autumn season! Simple, classy and sleek is how I would describe these black suede ankle boots, I just need to make sure that I'm not caught in the rain wearing them otherwise they'll be ruined for life haha! Hopefully I can get a few fashion posts done with these babies in time for Blogtober or, if worse comes to worst, I'll just talk about them endlessly on my Instagram and Twitter!

Actual Planner: (Link)
Oh I do love myself a pretty planner! The most perfect part of all is, with this particular planner, I can be super organised and so on trend with the leopard print pattern all at the same time! This was actually the last thing that I picked up the first time I went to Stradivarius. I remember standing in line to pay thinking "hmm I have a certain amount of money that I can spend here on holiday so what else can I buy to make up the value?" and then *bam!* there the planners were, leopard print and all, and as they say, the rest was history!


Jumbo. A store in Greece that sells practically everything - from house ornaments, to garden furniture, from clothing to beauty products, this store has it all, including these gorgeous press-on nails that sell for 99 cents each! I wish they were that cheap in the drugstores we have back here in England but unfortunately they are a bit on the pricier side. You see, I rarely choose to paint my own nails because of how quickly they chip so I have been wanting to get my nails done for a while now but don't necessarily have the money...queue the press-on nail life! I believe that they are the perfect option for a good-looking manicure if you can't afford to get one done professionally. Please feel free to leave me some recommendations for fake nails that I can purchase in my local drugstore, I'm craving more now!


Wednesday 12 September 2018

Skála Oropoú, Evvoia, Greece | Photo Diary

Hey lovelies!

I've been back from Greece for just over two weeks now and I think it's safe to say that it feels as if I've never been away. This is how everyone feels when they get back right?! We all just automatically get back into the swing of things and right into the upcoming season? So cruel!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little photo diary with you all because, this time around, things felt a lot calmer throughout my holiday in Greece. My family and I spent most of our days going to the beach, eating good food and purposefully missing the midday sun which made for beautiful sunset photos and golden hour selfies with one another - it really is a gorgeous country and I thank God for letting it be a part of my roots!

This holiday became a whirlwind three and a half weeks as I engaged with four different books, several bike rides and plenty of swimming. Sounds all well and good right? Wrong. The most challenging part was learning how to cope in 36°C heat which consisted of, but was not limited to, one fan and three seats on a sofa, two of which received mildly cool air...not fun!

I did, however, attempt to re-learn the complex language that is Greek, just in a less traditional way. I mean, I may or may not have learnt the majority of the new Greek words in my vocabulary from the Greek Trivago ads...okay, okay don't judge though because the Trivago girl (Sophia Manolakou for those who want to know) was actually so sweet! All it took was for me to ask my mum what Sophia was saying and then constantly repeat the words like a parrot for the rest of the day...all day...everyday...even when the adverts weren't on the TV! The skill isn't completely useless because if any of you ever need to say: "Hotel? Trivago" in Greek, I know the lingo now and can definitely help you out!

I'm totally getting side-tracked here haha! I hope with all my heart that you enjoy having a look through my little photo diary from my holiday. I promise you that it is full of sea views, yummy food and sunsets worth remembering! Be sure to let me know if you've ever been to Greece or have even blogged about it! I would love to see what your experience was like in this stunning place!