Friday 5 October 2018

Autumn Hairstyles: The Short Hair Edition

Hey lovelies!!

When I first cut my hair, I had no clue how to style it or what to do with it other than wash it and let it air dry! Thankfully, since then, I have found a few ways to style my hair that means it's out of my face but still looks cute for Autumn! Short hair is a dream but I have often found myself thinking that I don't have enough hair, length wise, to do anything extravagant or technical like those lovely braids you see on Pinterest. I hope to change that perception in this post and show you that you can do more with your hair other than leave it down or use heat tools on it!

So without further ado, here are three of my favourite go-to looks fo this season along with my very own personalised names for them...


I don't think that I have ever felt cuter in my life and I know that sounds really self-centred but this look makes me feel so adorable but in a sweet way hahaha! I picked this bandana up from a wine festival that I attended a few months ago where they had so many lovely little stalls inside to peruse! My sister and I had wanted one for such a long time and decided that we were ready to brave the country girl chic look and embrace a whole different side to us! By the way, shoutout to my sister for managing to tie this bandana around my head because I had a moment there where I didn't think it was going to make its way round my head, let alone stay in place.

This hairstyle is so easy to recreate, all you have to do is tie your hair up in a high bun, wrap the bandana round your head and tie it at the top! The way that you choose to tie it is completely up to you but I found that the looser knot left more material for me to play around with or to simply leave poking out! Feel free to change up the angle of your bandana by experimenting with where you want the knot to be on your head and you're all done!


Do I remind you of a childhood TV show character?! Honestly, one of the main issues I have found with having my type of hair is trying to do the half-up, half-down look. I don't have the thickest of hair and when you combine that with a reduced hair length, trying to create a top knot for the half-up portion of this look is a little difficult. Judging from the pictures, I just end up with the tiniest bun sitting at the top of my head that makes me look more like a Teletubby with their antenna than a cool girl that's trying to give you legitimate hair tips!

This look is also so easy to recreate because you only need to mess around with the upper section of your hair. The way I do it involves using my fingers to portion off the hair an inch or two above my ears, twirling it around in my fingers and winding it round to make a small bun. I would recommend, if you haven't got a lot of hair to work with here, to secure your bun with those tiny elastics that usually come in a pack of 100+ and come in a clear colour as well as black. This will stop the hairband from looking too obvious and chunky to the point where it consumes your bun. I love for it to look as seamless as possible!


If you're looking for a sleek, sophisticated look for interviews then I've got you covered! This takes me around 2-3 minutes to do and that's including everything from brushing my hair to tying it back and securing it with hairspray. I personally love this look for third or fourth day hair when you either haven't had a chance to wash it and it's no longer acceptable to walk around with super greasy hair that looks like spaghetti (we've all been there I'm sure) or you're rushing out the door and need a quick hair fix or what's worse, it's a windy day...awful weather right?!

To complete this look all you need to do is: create a parting in your hair (whatever side you like), sleek you hair back with a comb paying particular attention to the crown of your head where it needs to be smoothed down, tie your hair with a hairband just above the nape of your neck, hairspray it all to keep it in place and then you're good to go! This hairstyle has saved me so many times, especially when it comes to getting ready because it's quick and hassle-free, plus it really helps to pull your overall look together and streamline your face, you can thank me later!


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