Tuesday 27 November 2018

Coffee Talk | Brown-Toned Glitter Makeup Look

Hey lovelies!

My goodness was that a well-needed break after Blogtober! I know that I published a blog post soon after the series ended but, in all honesty, I was feeling a huge whirl of emotions ranging from confusion to tiredness and then somehow feeling as if I had a suddenly had run out of blog post ideas - now that is a scary emotion! I guess there was just a lot of pressure in such a condensed period of time that meant I was unfortunately left just a little worse for wear!

Today's post however is super festive but certainly one that I believe is whole-heartedly necessary now that December is on it's way! Once again, you can see that one of the gorgeous Helen É Cosmetics glitter eyeshadow pigments has been used on my eyes by the wonderful Elena Pylarinos MUA who treated me to another makeover that I've decided to call "Coffee Talk".

Personally, I think that the brown tones are a must for this time of year as they enable you to indulge in the rich mysterious look that they give your eyes, much like our behaviour with advent calendars where we're meant to open a door each day but end up realising that we're not entirely caught up and "force" ourselves to eat the chocolates all in one day! Pffft such a chore right?!

I must admit that the upcoming month will not only consist of Christmas outfits, sparkly makeup and plenty of party ideas but also a whole bunch of looks that feature glitter eyeshadow just like 'Penny Copper', which is one of my all-time favourites and can also be found in my Sunset Eyes post from this Summer. I simply can't get enough of the way this eyeshadow sparkles in the light and the fact that it has the power to instantly make any look a whole lot more festive, and that's exactly what we need as Christmas approaches!

Be sure to let me know what you think of this look! Are you in love with the coffee brown tones or prefer a more subtle look? Let's chat in the comment section down below!


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Monday 5 November 2018

21 Things I've Learned At 21

Hey lovelies!

So with my birthday week well and truly in motion, I thought that I would look back over the last year and think about everything that I've learnt about myself and general day-to-day life! Being 21 has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me as it may have been for many others but I hope, with all my heart, that 22 ends up being one of the my best years yet! I'll be sure to let you know next year but until then, watch this space!

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are 21 things I've learnt at 21:

1. Jealousy gets you absolutely nowhere, trust your heart/gut and stick with it!

2. When it snows, don't waste the day inside! Go out and be the Snow Angel that you truly are!

3. A fresh new haircut will make you feel like a different person, channel it and your personality will flourish!

4. A dozen red roses for Valentine's Day always makes a girl feel super special!

5. Buy the baker boy hat, just do it but don't forget to wear it...still learning this lesson!

6. When you get that amazing grade, cherish it like nothing else because it was your hard work that got you it!

7. In times of desperate need, those big soft teddy bears have great shoulders to cry on!

8. Enjoy those last few weeks of university because you won't get them back but you'll always have the memories.

9. Graduation gowns in Summer are a recipe for disaster so wear something light underneath!

10. A little distance between people can help to get things sorted in your brain a bit more.

11. Cling onto holiday mode for as long as you need until you get settled into normality - it's not easy!

12. Set backs happen - don't let them define you or your capabilities!

13. Surround yourself with people you love as much as possible because chances are they love you too and would never give up on you.

14. Cry my girl, cry as much as you need and don't let anyone judge you for it.

15. Speak your mind but make sure to hear others out.

16. Keep taking photos and videos like you always do because "future you" will thank you!

17. Binge watch your favourite shows all year round, it will get you through the stress, down-periods and sad times but also make you happier in your happy moments!

18. Continue loving your mum as much as you do because she is an amazing person and will always be your rock!

19. Walking is your friend, even if you don't feel like it, just walk, walk, walk walk!

20. Value the student life because before you know it, your precious student discount has expired and you'll have to start paying for dentist and optician appointments...so not amused!

21. Engage in more intelligent conversations, you might be surprised with just how much you know!

There we have it, here's to being 21! You gave me so many good times, but with that came the bad but what's life without those ups and downs? Boring apparently, but maybe a little more peaceful I should think! I learnt a lot this year and I'm so excited to see what being 22 will bring - hopefully loads of happy times, fingers crossed! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! 🎂🎈🎉🎁💖