Wednesday 30 October 2019

Why I'm On Board With Beauty Boxes

Blogtober Day Twenty Two
Hey lovelies!

Turns out I love myself a good beauty box! This sudden love came about when I was a scrolling through the Beauty section on the Boots website and found this fabulous deal where you could receive the above Beauty Edit Box had you spent £25 on selected beauty products. 

When I saw this deal and the fact that I could get a variety of products worth £40 for free, especially ones that are either new or highly recommended, you bet that I jumped at the chance! I'll tell you from now that there is nothing worse than buying a product with your own money and it ending up being a complete waste of time...

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to go through that pain but instead I chose the products that I needed and took delight in paying for them knowing that I was going to receive over double of what I had originally ordered - I was LOVING life at this stage hahaha!

The contents of the box, which you will see down below, had products that were for the most part very new to me. I really believe that opportunities or deals like these can reduce so much heartache and disappointment because you can fully enjoy and test out a product before purchasing it yourself.

Having tried some of these products over the last few weeks, I am glad to announce that I am very happy with everything that has been included. I have even added a separate section in my beauty drawer just for new products to make sure that I get round to using each and every item - such a chore right? (NOT)

Let me know if you love beauty boxes like these! Are you signed up on any beauty box subscription services? If so, which ones?


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