Shirts are my new favourite thing; they look effortless no matter what you do with them and how you dress them up. I decided to wear my dark denim shirt open and pair it with a black H&M basic long-sleeved top underneath and my black skinny jeans. I wanted this look to be casual but nice enough to wear out with friends so I added a silver necklace and mismatched earrings – a trend I’ve recently been trying out.

A while back I would walk into the usual stores to peruse the jewellery section and I would see stacks of mismatched earrings. Trust me at first I thought, “how is that going to work!” and I often found that some of the earrings had been removed from their original packaging – clearly others were feeling the same way as me and had decided to put the actual pairs back together, I didn’t blame them! However I persisted and ended up trying out a set and to be honest, I’m still getting used to it, I haven’t quite come around to the idea that you should put one nice earring with another one from a different pair…but anyway enough of my rambling!

The bag that you can see is also from H&M and perfectly describes what I think everything should be…“Très Cool”. The edgy vibe of the bag with the white writing printed on the black faux leather material completed the outfit and made me feel a lot more stylish and ready for anything…seriously, you can fit so much inside it and for someone like me who, as my mum says, “carries the kitchen sink”, you can rely on this shopper to hold absolutely anything!!


H&M Denim Shirt - (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)
H&M Basic Top - (HERE)
Black Jeans - (HERE)
 Shoes (Sold Out) - (SIMILAR) (LOVE THESE)
Trés Cool Bag (Sold Out) - (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)
Earrings - (MIX AND MATCH)

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