Tuesday 18 August 2020

Bali Body Gradual Tan & Face Tan Water | AD

Bali Body Face Tan Water | Not Vicarious

Hey lovelies!

I really hope you're not sick of me talking about Bali Body yet because I have so many more goodies to talk to you about! This brand has such incredible products that it's hard not to give them the time they deserve and of course Bali Body Babes are the best! Today's post is all about a couple of products in their self tanning range - the Bali Body Gradual Tan and the Bali Body Face Tan Water - which is made so much more entertaining by the fact that prior to this, I had NEVER self tanned before. Let's just say I was nervous and had a little trouble because of my inexperience.

Starting off with the Gradual Tan, this was a really nice and easy product to apply. I specifically asked for the Gradual Tan over the tanning mousse because I knew that on my first time self tanning, I would need all the help I could get and if the process was simple then I couldn't go wrong!

I first tried this product at the peak of the lockdown because like many others, it was the perfect time to try something new without worrying that it might go wrong and I would have to go out in public looking like a mess! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it all worked out okay and I had very few, minor problems that were mostly caused by me haha!

Bali Body Gradual Tan | Not Vicarious

The Gradual Tan, with its white lotion consistency, applies extremely smoothly but as with other tanning products that do not have a colour guard, it can be difficult to remember where you have applied the tan. With that being said, that is a small price to pay for the great tan that you are left with and it's something that can be easily combated by simply starting from the bottom of your body (i.e. your legs/feet) and working your way up.

I loved the fact that I didn't have to be dark from the get go but instead had the option to build the tan up as I already had the base from the first application and it was perfect for adding more tan to the couple of patches that I had missed on my back...yes I had the typical first timers issue of not doing my back properly!

The total developing time is around 8 hours but because of my plans and the way things generally worked out on the day of application (evening), I ended up leaving my tan and showering it off the day after. This definitely gave me a lot of time to assess how the colour was developing, gradually of course, and it was so cool!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Gradual Tan was filled with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, coffee seed extract and cocoa butter. They all added to the pamper side of my tanning session and made it less annoying if I had forgotten to apply mosturiser to any dry areas of my body beforehand.

Thankfully I picked up some tips from my first time experience with a self tanner:
  • Make sure to moisturise all dry areas of your body prior to application
  • Ensure that the mosturiser has soaked all the way into the skin before you proceed
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the tan to your body
  • When it comes to your hands and feet, use the excess tan for application because wow does it go wrong if you don't...

On that last point, I thought it would only be fitting to let you know about another tanning faux pas I had. I'll keep it short and sweet but I honestly found it quite hilarious how confident I was applying the tan straight from the bottle, to a paper towel, onto my hands and then waking up to find the tan had settled into every crease on my hands in a slightly orange looking fashion and seeming surprised that my "trick" didn't work out well - amateur I tell you! Trust me, this was very much a problem with the user, not the product! If this ever happens to you, just read my Bali Body Self Tan Remover post for a quick and easy solution.

Finally, the self tanner smell of this product was actually quite nice and unusual. I don't know what others are like but this was one that only rubbed off on the clothes I was wearing after application (i.e. my pyjamas). Once you have your shower the only thing that has a very light scent to it is your skin but again, this is the nature of any skin product that has a slight fragrance.

Here are a few before and after photos for you:

Now onto the Bali Body Face Tan Water! This is another really cool product and one that I hadn't heard of before - self tanner virgin over here and all! Just like a toner, you pump a couple of drops of the Face Tan Water onto a cotton pad and apply it all over your face and neck, ensuring that you evenly distribute the product.

Just as Bali Body state on their website, "it's skincare meets self tan" and I have never loved the idea of anything more and this is most likely what made me want to get my hands on it. More importantly, the Face Tan Water with its 4-6 hour developing time can be added into your daily routine at the mosturiser stage; simply add a few pumps to the mosturiser of your choice and watch as your face slowly begins to gain a glowy tan as the hours pass.

My final and probably the most important thing to say about the Gradual Tan and the Face Tan Water is that they DO NOT transfer!! Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at the aftermath of people's sheets after they self tan and they are left with what looks like the death of 1,000 cheese puffs hahaha! That being said, I did wear long sleeved pyjamas so if you do ever worry that it might transfer, just grab some clothes you don't mind messing up and wear those to bed.

Overall, I am incredibly happy about my first time self tanning and I was glad that I had the help of Bali Body's range to get me through it successfully. I see plenty more sessions self tanning in the future, yay!!!


P.S. Let me know your thoughts on these two lovely products if you've had the chance to try them out. What was your experience like?

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