Friday 17 July 2015


I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week and that you are enjoying the summer weather wherever you are! London has been experiencing a lack of this mentioned summer weather but I have managed to stay warm inside while I've been putting together some new blog posts for you all to see! Speak soon my lovelies!!


P.S. Comment down below what you have been loving this week, I want to know!

FASHION: Off-the-Shoulder Trend

(ASOS - From Top Left) 1. Jersey Swing Dress, 2. Festival Crop Top, 3. Open Back Top, 4. Gypsy Top, 5. Crop Top in Sun and Moon Print, 6. Boohoo Shoulder Swing Dress

The off-the-shoulder trend has struck and I have been loving the freedom that comes with shoulder-bearing outfits! Most of the pieces are very light and airy which is perfect for the hot summer weather and the boho-inspired looks are good enough for any summer festival!

BEAUTY: Accessorize Bejewelled and Exposed Palettes

These two palettes from Accessorize are an absolute must! The shades are extremely pigmented and with an assortment of matte and shimmery shadows, you cannot go wrong! I'll be sure to do a few posts using these palettes in the near future - they're too good not to try out!

INSPIRATION: Life is like a camera...

I thought that this quote was quite clever and very, very true! I have found that people spend most of their time putting others down instead of focusing on and improving themselves and trying to become a better person. I like to live my life by being caring towards both myself and others. If I have an insecurity, I try and work on it and if I make a mistake (or a few) in my lifetime then I'll take it with a pinch of salt and learn from it. It is all about growing and becoming the best version of yourself, it may sound difficult but you'll find a way!

MEDIA: Justin Timberlake Medley

When I came across this on YouTube, oh my was I in love! Kurt Schneider has nearly 6 million subscribers and is incredibly innovative with his videos and who he features in them - definitely go and check out his channel! This video sees Kurt combine Victoria Justice and MAX to bring viewers the coolest Justin Timberlake medley I have heard! You'll hear some of the best JT songs such as Cry Me A River, Senorita, Mirrors, What Goes Around Comes Around, Dead and Gone, Suit & Tie, Sexyback and even Bye Bye Bye for those N-Sync fans!!

RANDOM: Divergent

Is it just me or was everyone pretty much in love with everything about this movie?! I was a bit, okay, maybe really late with this one but I had heard about the Divergent movie awhile ago but I didn't get round to seeing it - I know, shame on me! Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Theo James were all perfect for their roles and I was not left feeling disappointed but rather as though I wanted to watch the whole movie again! I really need to see Insurgent and cannot wait for Allegiant, you can probably tell that I'll be a superfan by the third movie! :D

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