The Dream...

I dream of a world where love comes naturally and the pain in my heart is non-existent.

I dream of being the one that others choose to go to on a whim.

I dream of holding the ones I love close to me knowing that they'll never leave.

I dream of not having to worry about how I need to act around people.

I dream of acceptance of the person that I have become.

I dream of the emptiness disappearing and the constant thought that I need to change gone.

I dream of someday making my dreams come true but until that day comes I'll sit and wait for you.

You the person who is unafraid.

The person who doesn't worry about what others think of her.

The one who knows that she is worth their time.

The girl that knows that she is funny enough, pretty enough, nice enough, clever enough, just...


A little something I wrote about a personal experience of mine. I can tell you from now that this is something that I still struggle with. The constant need to feel as if you are worth a lot more to people than you hope can affect you in so many ways. I am here to tell you, you are not alone and it sounds so cliché but you're not.


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