Monday 16 May 2016

Turtleneck Bodysuits

Hey lovelies!

Oh. My. Goodness. I love bodysuits!! I didn't know that they could be so comfy to wear and so easy to pull off! They are PERFECT for those of you who like to tuck in their tops but hate it when they come out every other minute of the day. This can be a real pain even for me but thankfully the creation of these types of tops gives us all the opportunity to be free from this minor inconvenience.

This outfit along with my New Look bomber jacket and my Vans (alternative shoe option) is by far one of my favourites! Here, I decided to put on some red lipstick to make the look slightly more classy and the drop earrings added that touch of elegance that I needed to complete this look.

I am hoping to purchase quite a few more of these bodysuits, maybe in some other styles and colours. My sister recently bought an electric blue bodysuit as well as an open-back khaki bodysuit. They are both stunning and I'm incredibly jealous, to say the least, of her having them. I'll link them at the end of the post for you but, in the meantime, have a look at the images below to see how I style an outfit around my ribbed turtleneck bodysuit!


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