Friday 13 May 2016

On My A-Game

Hey lovelies,

I am someone that always wants to be on their A-game and I feel like this t-shirt from New Look helps me to do exactly this! You've probably read from my more recent posts that I love a simple black top that can be worn with anything, especially for a casual day out.

I have a thing for black and white outfits. A few of my friends think that black and white are just the epitome of the absence of colour but I really don't see it that way. They are just two colours that can be paired with absolutely every of other shade - it's a win-win!

This outfit in particular lacked the obvious choice of black jeans (my go-to) but it still worked well with my dark denim jeans from New Look. I definitely recommend shopping at New Look for your jeans because there is a style, fit and colour to suit everyone. I personally (as you know) love their black jeans and am constantly re-purchasing them!

Enjoy the post and let me know what your favourite go-to pieces are for everyday wear, I'd love to hear from you!



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