Sunday 31 December 2017

How to Prep for the New Year!

Hey lovelies!!

These are some of my favourite posts to read so I thought that I would give it a go myself and let you into some of the ways that I love to prep for the new year, making sure to cover as many aspects as I can! Next year is right around the corner and I am both nervous and excited about what adventures I will be taken on in the next 12 months. In the meantime, however, there are a few things that need to be taken care of in order for us to have the best possible chance of succeeding in making 2018 our best year yet! Read on my loves...
Change Up Your Routine:

From past experience, I know that being stuck in the same routine for too long can do more damage to your motivation and daily life than you think. I've had the same routine for a good few months whilst I've been at university and it hasn't had the best impact on my productivity - you get stuck in your ways and eventually get bored when it all becomes a little too rigid. So, when you're devising a new routine to start off the new year, think about your old schedule and ask yourself if it's enabling you to be productive enough? Is it allowing you to get the most out of your day? Are you really enjoying how your mornings begins or how your nights end? It's your life so feel free to mix up the tasks you have to complete in a day and keep your goals for the new year in mind to make sure that you're on track to succeed in every way possible!

Work Out Your Health/Fitness Goals:

No pun intended with that title haha! When it comes to my fitness, I always want to make it easy and enjoyable for myself so I've decided to pick two specific aspects to focus on. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to abide by a strict and unattainable goal that you know just doesn't suit you. We all want to be healthier or to improve particular parts of our bodies so aim to narrow down the achievements you want to accomplish and break them down into smaller goals - it will be gentler on the mind I promise!

Rebrand of Social Media Accounts:

This is one of my favourite things to do because it works just the same as giving your wardrobe a complete turnaround. If you're anything like me and have your life on several social media accounts, it's easy to settle for a particular design on your blog, Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook page so why not make some changes! I love the feeling of going into the new year with new pictures for my profiles and banners too, as well as that much needed "Happy New Year" photo that graces it's presence wherever my social media footprint goes haha!

Get Organised:

I love and I mean LOVE everything to do with organisation - notes, lists, planning - the lot of it! I'm not the greatest example of executing every single task I put on those lists or in those notebooks but I'm hoping that the new year will grant me some extra skills that I can build on to make sure I actually succeed this time around. For what it's worth, purchasing some really pretty planners, journals, notebooks and other prepping material can certainly motivate you to make a start, give it a try!

The Last Few Hours of the Year...

Relax, rejuvenate and reminisce! I love to prep myself physically and mentally for the new year so I make sure to freshen up my hair, shave, exfoliate, moisturise, paint my nails and all of those other really girly things that I love to do - we all want to look good when it strikes midnight so get it all done early so that you're feeling your best self! Finally, take some time to reminsce with your family and friends about all the times that you've had together and aim to make the next year even better!


Saturday 30 December 2017

2017: My Best Moments

Hey lovelies!

2017 has thankfully been less of a whirlwind of a year than 2016 and just like each year we learn new things. The human race loves to hold onto the negative aspects of life and maybe that's because sometimes being happy isn't all that realistic or possible for every person every day of the year. However, it's important to look back at how far you've come and engage with those moments where you did feel pure, uninterrupted bliss and happiness.

I'm choosing to focus on one big and four small things that took place throughout this year and being able to reminisce has meant that I can momentarily forget about the bad and look back to what good was given to me and be grateful for it.

So here we go!!!!

1. New York - Second Time Around Baby!

There was nothing better than to return to this beautiful city and witness so many more of its stunning sites, the Flatiron Building being at the top of that list! I love New York and whilst many people think that it's overrated, I can somewhat understand but also realise that this city is the source of inspiration for so many industries and for that I think we should be truly grateful. NYC you really had my heart in your hands because nothing felt better than admiring the things that were so much greater than me in those moments!!

2. The Sky Garden

A perfect day date location! I had such a great time seeing London from above and was so happy to have the company that I had because it made it all the more better! I definitely recommend grabbing yourself some tickets for this truly mesmerising view of such a big city like London and if you're looking for some great, but slightly expensive food, hit up The Folly - I hear the steak is delicious and the burgers are huge!

3. Taking a Month off in Greece

What more could a girl ask for than a month-long holiday in Greece?! From a young age, my family and I have always travelled to Greece during the summer months to visit the rest of our family who predominantly live over there. Before this year, we hadn't visited them for a couple of years because of wanting to explore other places such as Barcelona and Venice so it was so nice to return there for a good length of time and see them all again! The days were filled with sun, sea and unfortunately a lot of sweat - those annoying sleepless nights were tough ones to battle with because they were just too hot! Maybe I'll return there again in 2018 if the stress of university finally gets too much haha!

4. My 21st Birthday

I turned 21 this year and although it scared me slightly to know that I am gradually getting older (as a human being does haha), it reminded me that life is short and that you might as well strive for everything you could possibly ask for in the time that you are given. 2017 brought me one of the best birthday's I could have asked for because I was able to celebrate it with almost every single person that I love. There were presents, there were fireworks and there was definitely cake but, most importantly, there was a lot of love, laughter and happiness, so here's to turning 22 in 2018!!

5. 42nd Street: The Musical

Now before you get too I did not star in this hit musical. Do I wish that I had? Yes. Can I tap dance to save my life? No. Can I sing at all? Ye...Umm no. Sometimes it's better to just leave it to the professionals and sit back in awe at just how fast they can move their feet and hold those notes so well. This was an epic show and an overall amazing night that I wish you could all have experienced. Unfortunately the tickets were not cheap but if you're looking to spoil yourself or even someone you love then definitely get them a ticket, they will be in for a huge treat and will be sure to thank you later! If all else fails, a walk around Covent Garden with all the lights up at this time of year is simply picture perfect!


P.S. Let me know in the comments down below, what were some of your favourite moments of 2017? I'd love to hear them!

Friday 22 December 2017

Berry Kiss

Hey lovelies!!

It's almost Christmas Day!!! I honestly have no idea where December went - it's flown by and before you know it, we'll be well into 2018! Anyway, we have a little bit of time before we even have to start considering our goals for the upcoming year; the festivities aren't over yet people!

Holiday looks are my favourite because you get to be incredibly inventive and play around with so many different products and colours. Once again, my sister was at the very core of this blog post with her beautiful makeup skills as she collaborated with me to create this super festive Christmas look! The name of this post is inspired by the lipstick used in 'The Holiday' which I deem as one of the more quintessential Christmas films for my generation, amongst many others of course. The oh-so-lovely Cameron Diaz wears the lipstick in a scene with Jude Law and his character's children all whilst radiating an effortless flush of colour - now this may not be all down to the lipstick but it sure does accentuate her natural beauty. I know that the colour of her lipstick isn't the same as the one shown here but it just seemed fitting for a lover of 'The Holiday' to use the name Berry Kiss for a post like this!

I love the way the pictures turned out and I also love my new haircut! I'm going to be honest with you, it really needed a good old chop because seeing the way it was heading, I found that I was having regular moments where I had this temptation to cut it all off by myself...I didn't so there's no need to panic haha! I know the shorter style is definitely different to my usual look but it's so refreshing, especially at this time of year where a lot of us embrace that "New Year, New Me" motto. Maybe some of you will be bold enough to try something a little new or different before 2018 truly begins.

Enjoy the photos and hopefully you can get some last minute inspiration for this holiday season! I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and I will speak to you soon my lovelies!


P.S. For a full and detailed description of how my sister did my makeup, head over to her blog: The Skinny Hot Choc

Products Used:


Friday 15 December 2017

Winter Outfits 2017

Hey my lovelies!!!!!!!

I've missed you all so much!!! I know that each time I come back it sounds like I'm saying the same old thing but this next year will be a truly busy one for me but I hope with all my heart that you will stick around and stay by my side until things have a little more structure to them. Every single one of you that bother to read my blog have a special place in my heart and I'm so happy that you take a little time out of your day to read what little old me has to say, so thank you!

Okay, now that we have the ever so slightly emotional part out of the way, let's get back to business shall we?! Once again, if you've been with me since the beginning, you know that twice a year I rummage through the 'New In' section of Topshop's online site to bring you the latest and greatest items in order to compile them into a week's worth of fabulous outfits perfect for the current season/seasons. 

This post sure does take a lot of work but I'm always incredibly happy with how it turns out, so what are you waiting for? Scroll through and get some inspo, you won't be disappointed!


P.S. Let me know which items or outfits are your favourites in the comment section down below!


From Left: 1. Belted Coat, 2. Slouchy Knot Front Blouse, 3. Leather Scalloped Cross Body Bag, 4. Heavily Embellished High Ankle Boots, 5. Moto Black Mermaid Hem Jamie Jeans.

Subtlety and sophistication go hand-in-hand so why not embrace the muted colours to start off your week by pairing this stunning coat with a simple blouse and gorgeous mermaid jeans - we've all wanted to embrace our inner mermaid at one time or another, right?! Add in some detail with this scalloped cross body bag and some statement boots and you'll be setting all the trends for the rest of the working week!


From Left: 1. Borg Biker Jacket, 2. Bird Embroidered Shoulder Bag, 3. Plisse Short Sleeve Top, 4. Mischa Ankle Boots, 5. Velvet Tux Trousers.
I love the vintage/flea market find vibe that this outfit gives off! The plum coloured top combined with the velvet tux trousers will take you back to the nineties and help you relive all of those funky Spice Girl moments with just one look in the mirror. Make sure to set up a coffee or lunch date with some of your closest friends and show off this unusual embroidered bag whilst keeping warm in the crisp winter air by wearing this cooler-than-school biker jacket and classic pair of ankle boots.


From Left: 1. Moto Cropped Oversized Jacket, 2. New Rupert Faux Fur Cross Body Bag, 3. New York Knicks T-Shirt, 4. Andi Multi Buckle Ankle Boots, 5. Moto Crystal Seam Mom Jeans.
Did someone say rock and roll chic? This is the perfect mid-week outfit for surviving that motivation lull in between completing projects and deadlines. Rediscover your true style whilst embracing the comfort of the loose t-shirt and mom jean combination and learn to re-love the faux fur bags that were once your childhood treasures. All that's left to add is this LA-girl inspired cropped jacket and some country-style buckle ankle boots and you've got a complete style overhaul!


From Left: 1. Checked Double Breasted Jacket, 2. Salem Tote Bag, 3. Stud Rib Flute Sleeve Crop, 4. Lemonade Slingback Loafers, 5. Checked Tapered Leg Trousers.
It's coming up to deadline day, you have a lot of work to do in the office and you know you'll be running around like a headless chicken so why not embrace the officewear comfort by grabbing those loafers when you head out the door in the morning? You won't regret it! Ensure you're keeping your look classy and chic by pairing these checked tapered trousers with the matching double breasted jacket, making sure to throw on the gorgeous rib flute sleeve top underneath and filling up your black tote bag with all of your own personal work essentials.


From Left: 1. Premium Oversized Texture Coat, 2. Wrap Satin Playsuit, 3. RAE Floral Embroidered Cross Body Bag, 4. Sadie Closed Toe Platforms.
This is the perfect outfit for having drinks with the girls or a date night with your partner! The flirty and sultry look of this wrap satin playsuit will get you in the mood to enjoy the low lighting and sweet atmosphere at the end of what we all know will be a hard working week. Show off your legs with some closed toe platforms, keep warm with this oversized coat and give your outfit that little extra feminine touch by tying it all together with the floral embroidered cross body bag seen above.


From Left: 1. Chicago Bulls Bomber Jacket, 2. Panther Cross Body Bag, 3. Lil Lycra Vest, 4. Kick Leather Boots, 5. Popper Side Joggers.
It's almost Christmas Eve and you haven't quite finished your Christmas shopping - we've all been there - but have no fear because although you may not be the most organised person in the world, at least you've got your outfit in check and you're ready to face the crowd of like-minded individuals with a spring in your step! I created this look with the idea in my mind that when we're rushing around in a massive shopping centre, we get easily hot and bothered so, thanks to the combination I devised featuring this black vest, oh-so-comfy jogging bottoms and light but awesome looking bomber jacket, you'll be all sorted! Finally, make life easier by keeping your hands free with a cross body bag and your feet free from blisters with a pair of low heel ankle boots - you can thank me later!


From Left: 1. Amber Overcoat, 2. Velvet Square Neck Body, 3. Charlie Chain Clutch Bag, 4. Sequin Knot Mini Skirt, 5. Gatsby Pointed Heel Court Shoes.
Christmas Eve is here!!!! One more day until Christmas and you're attending one of your favourite parties of the year! Enter this Christmas Eve event in style and sparkle as bright as those lights on the Christmas tree with a silver sequin mini skirt and shiny velvet bodysuit. Keep the silver and black colour scheme going with some black pointed heel court shoes and a clutch bag that is also worthy of making an appearance at your next party attendence on New Year's Eve. Lastly, cover up with this Amber overcoat and get ready to reveal your outfit as soon as you enter the door! 

Merry Christmas my lovelies!