Monday 11 June 2018

Get Your Face On In 10!

Hey lovelies!

Getting your makeup on quickly when you're in a rush is always a struggle! Now, I completely understand that I have done quite a few natural looks with regard to makeup but there are some circumstances, for example during those hot summer days or when you're off to school/college/university/work, where the last thing you want is to be caked up with makeup! So I have put together a simple, fresh look for you to try out and luckily, it will only take ten minutes!!

The important thing to remember when you're lacking time is to decide on what features of your face you want to play up the most. I know for myself, as long as I have a smooth base, some mascara and a lip product then I'm pretty much good to go! The look I created here plays up the eyes and gives you the chance to change up that "no-makeup" makeup vibe by adding in a little something extra with the black eyeliner. The feline flick is perfect for any occasion and can really make a look seem more complicated than usual or give the impression that you've put a lot of effort in when you haven't at all.

The main tip that I would give you is to practise your 10 minute routine to perfect it and soon enough it will be second nature to you! The more you do it, then the less time it will take to complete - maybe you'll become a pro and get it done in 5 minutes! If you do, please teach me your ways!

Let me know in the comment section down below what your go-to makeup look is for the current season, I'd love to know some of your tips and tricks for applying makeup in a hurry too!


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  1. You look flawless here!! So hard to believe you can manage that look in 10 minutes, I would hardly be anywhere near as done in that time. My eyeliner skills are still sub-par, hahaha!

    Beka |

    1. Honestly, some days it may take me longer to do this look than others and when it comes to my eyeliner skills...girl, I can have off days but I'm so glad that they tend to be days where I've given myself some extra time to get ready haha! Thank you for your kind words Beka! x

  2. I'm honestly impressed you can do a full base and an eyeliner in ten minutes! In this weather I've been skipping foundation and a full eye completely, but even so my makeup still takes a good five minutes!

    Cordelia ||

    1. I completely understand! This weather recently has made things so much more difficult and I sympathise if you haven't wanted to put much makeup on! I think this look is definitely achievable, the only thing that I would say is the eyeliner has its hit and miss days - sometimes it doesn't like to cooperate haha! xx