Wednesday 31 October 2018

Sweet Confection!

Hey lovelies!

Oh my goodness, today is the very last of Blogtober and I don't know whether to laugh or cry! There have been so many exciting moments and so many tense ones too with trying to get content published at a reasonable time eeeek! Nevertheless, Halloween is upon us and I hope that you're all having a fabulously spooky night and trick or treating even if you might be just a tad too old for it!

Today I'm bringing you a post inspired by yesterday's Halloween look! You might have recognised this eyeshadow look and felt that maybe creating an entire beauy post for it is a little excessive but I had the photos and thought that I would put all the Blogtober related content with the Blogtober days and we're on number thirty one! I personally loved the eyeshadow look that I had in the Unzipped Glitter Mermaid and decided to recreate it on my other eye and turn it into a more normal/wearable makeup look, well as wearable as bright pink could be on the eyes!

I especially love how the pink blended so well with the purple and the smidge of blue in the crease and really reminded me of those deep cotton candy coloured skies you get when the sun sets. In all honesty, I had a bit of trouble coming up with a title for this blog post but I feel that it worked well with the idea of sweets and just confectonery in general so I went with that hahaha! Before you leave, make sure to let me know in the comment section down below, what you think of this look or better yet, tell me how your Halloween is going? I want to hear all your stories, have you got any scary ones?!


  Makeup Inspired By: Elena Pylarinos MUA

Tuesday 30 October 2018

The Unzipped Glitter Mermaid

Hey lovelies!

Guaranteed if you're either more of a girly girl or just not that into Halloween, you're less likely to go for a gruesome, scary look or even dress up at all! Today I am bringing you the Unzipped Glitter Mermaid which incorporates plenty of sparkle, super girly colours and a little bit of jewels here and there so that you can at least honour the occasion but also feel like a more dressed up, snazzy version of yourself on Halloween!

I LOVE this look and admire just how much work and imagination goes into creating something so amazing! I find it so funny how the concept can change throughout the process of bringing a look into existence because it's all about playing around, getting a feel for what will and will not work and often understanding that your final look may end up being even better than your original idea! Thankfully everything tied together so well and the wig, oh my goodness the wig was incredible, completed the look effortlessly and in a way that meant that I didn't have to try as hard in the photos hahaha!

Frustratingly, however, the zip was having a bit of a hard time sticking into the corner of my eye! The amount of spirit gum applied would've meant that the zip would have stuck down properly anywhere else but the angle proved to be the cause of the zip just not wanting to cooperate! The thing is, even with this little annoyance for Elena who was once again my makeup artist, she still managed to keep going and create this super cool glitter mermaid look with the zipper that is often featured in a lot of Halloween looks these days, especially on her Instagram! SO COOL!

I would really love if you left me a comment down below letting me know what you think of this look? Will you be recreating it for Halloween or do you like something a bit more gruesome? Let's chat lovelies!


Makeup & Photography: Elena Pylarinos MUA

Monday 29 October 2018

Thoughts On Blogtober!

Hey lovelies!

This is a post that you would usually find at the very end of a series but seeing as Blogtober is coming to a close and Halloween is fast approaching, I thought that I would leave the last couple of days to be full of spooky content rather than having a whole post reminiscing on the month that I have just had! Be sure though to tune into tomorrow's post because there will hopefully be a wicked good girly yet fun Halloween look up for you all to try out! You will definitely want to see the goodness that will be brought to this blog in the near future but, in the meantime, read on to get a taste into my Blogtober experience!

Now, I must admit that participating in this 31 blog posts in 31 days journey has been both stressful and enjoyable! I have loved every second of it, even those days where I found myself stressing about trying to find a good blog post idea to publish and, whilst there are been a few late nights trying to get things done, I have been able to get an insight into what I am truly capable of as well as get a feel for the type of content that I would like to create in the future. This opportunity has not only fed my desire to keep blogging but it has also challenged me to find new things to talk about, new ways to create posts and new ways to open up about the things that matter, especially if others are able to relate too.

I genuinely believe that Blogtober has been a huge learning curve for me or just a huge learning experience as a whole. I have loved getting in touch with other bloggers and hearing their views about the series and also getting such sweet comments on my work has been so reassuring and lovely to see on my social media platforms! Bloggers like Keeley and Lizzie have been incredibly supportive by recognising my hard work, telling others about me on their Instagram accounts and sending me sweet messages that have helped to push me further and have kept me going! I am really grateful to have individuals like them because starting out properly in this industry is tough and not having anyone to motivate you or tell you that you're doing a good job and that you're on the right track can be a little upsetting so I'm freaking out inside that I'm starting to grow in the blogging community and finding like-minded people who want to support me in return!

My aim throughout Blogtober was to get people involved with the Autumn season but also to provide them with something to take their minds off of the tougher, more overwhelming aspects of life just for a little bit each and every day for the month of October. If I have managed to do that for just one person then I will be so incredibly happy and it will all feel so worth it! I really care about my readers; I want to help and I love it when you respond to my questions and give me love when you think I've done a good job - it warms my heart and I aim to keep going for the both of us! 💖

Blogtober has consisted of a whirlwind of emotions and some posts have had more of a tug on my heart strings than others but I still want you to let me know, in the comment section down below, what you thought of my Blogtober posts! Did any of them help you? Which were your favourites? I would love to hear what you think so let's chat!


Sunday 28 October 2018

The Change You Wish To See...

Hey lovelies!!!

Be the change you wish to see - that's what they all say right? The ease in which we say these words, however, is impeccable as they imply that the task at hand is quick and straightforward but my oh my it is not an easy thing to accomplish in the slightest. The idea of trying to change yourself when everything feels lost is one of the hardest things to do and I truly empathise if you're going through it too.

I must admit that if it wasn't for the support of loved ones, a few self help books and plenty of self care, I wouldn't have made it quite so far. The tough times are hard but what's harder is understanding that there will be moments when that feeling of loneliness becomes overpowering and you're left wondering how on earth you will ever come out the other side. I can understand that, to some extent, it all sounds a little dramatic but sometimes your feelings manifest themselves in a way that makes you feel like it's the end of the world and as if there's no changing the present moment, but it's possible! You have to focus on pushing forward and trying not to let those negative thoughts eat you up because they can do more damage than you might think, so don't let them win!

The concept of change has plenty of negative connotations to it and I don't know why as I'm sure that not all change is bad and not all of our situations require a person to stay exactly the same. I mean, in those final moments of each day, you have to be happy about the person you have become and the person you are becoming! You have things in your life that you didn't have before and they may end up becoming some of the most special things to you in the world! In some respects, those things may not have come to you had you stayed the exact same person. I guess that there is no real way of checking that theory for certain but I personally hope to continuously change and to continuously evolve to accomodate new positive traits, new positive habits and more improved relationships with those that I love! Ooooh yes, I'm all for that!

Be sure to leave me a comment down below telling me what positive changes you aim to make this side of the year! What do you think of making the changes you wish to see? Drop a line and let's chat!


Top 5 Netflix Shows To Watch This Autumn!

Hey lovelies!

If there is one thing that I absolutely love, it is Netflix! I honestly can't get enough of all the amazing shows that are bundled together on this beautiful thing created just for our viewing pleasure. I have found that not only does it light up my world but it changes my mood instantly, especially now that Friends has been added so that I can binge watch one of my all time favourite shows all day every day!

Today, I have put together some of my favourite shows so that hopefully you can get some scary, dark goodness just in time for Halloween because we all know that unless you're a fan of horror movies or scary shows, you're not really going to find yourself any other time to scare yourself for the sake of the season!

So without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite Netflix shows:

1. Jessica Jones - Boy oh boy is this a good one! I have been working my way through this show and am currently on the second season - it's incredible! Jessica Jones can be a little dark but her heart is in the right place and it's just so crazy how there are so many twists and turns when you least expect them. I think that it's definitely one to watch if you're intrigued by the psychology of the mind and how it can be skewed by someone else's super power - sounds weird I know but give it a chance, you'll get what I mean!

2. Riverdale - If you've watched this show which, if you haven't already what are you doing with your life (???), you will know just how freaking awesome it is! I have loved every single second of this show so far and with the third season gracing its presence on our screens, you know that I couldn't not include it this blog post! Riverdale never fails to keep me guessing, although working out who the Black Hood was became very obvious if you could see the signs spoilers here, so get watching!

3. Scream - Oh my god! This is something that I definitely had to push myself to watch after seeing the first episode with one of my best friends a little while ago and freaking out! I find it so hard to believe that I actually managed to make it all the way through the entire series but I must admit that there were quite a few hiding-behind-the-pillow moments and "ewwww that's so gross, why would they do that??" when a murder took place. Scream is gruesome but the storyline is annoyingly good although it's not for the faint of heart so tread carefully if you embark on this rollercoaster of horror!

4. How To Get Away With Murder - Why on earth am I so late with this one?! I love How To Get Away With Murder and even though I would never try it out myself, it's just so intriguing to see how a lawyer and her law students are able to work their way around getting away with it! I find it so creepy but so mind-blowing and clever at the same time! The second season for me is fast approaching and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next but please, NO SPOILERS GUYS!

5. Santa Clarita Diet - This is a cool yet somewhat bizarre show! Drew Barrymore plays her character so well and makes eating humans, despite not being classified as a zombie, actually kind of there's a sentence I never thought I'd say! I just love how her relationship with her husband and daughter develops because of the change in her body and although I have yet to finish the series, I'm getting hooked and maybe you will be too!

Be sure to let me know in the comment section down below which shows you're loving this Autumn and Halloween season because I would love to hear some of your recommendations! What kind of shows are you into? Let's chat!


Friday 26 October 2018

Virtually Meeting An Inspiration

Hey lovelies!

Getting to know someone you've never met but look up to online is something that is both daunting and so exciting! Over the last few months I have been speaking to the loveliest person and she is someone who I may not have been watching from the very start of her YouTube career but have been watching long enough to see a side of her that might be misunderstood by a lot of people. I think that not everyone is able to see the beauty in every type of personality be it loud, quiet, swearing loads, swearing a little but each human has a beautiful spark in them and they may not be for everyone but they are so sweet in their own way!

I guess on some levels, when it comes to this particular situation, you're worried about appearing as "just a fan" of somebody's work rather than a potential friend to an individual who you could really get on with...if only they lived in the same country! I love talking to people, especially if it's someone who is a joy to talk to and whose work I really enjoy seeing, but I often find that there is a limit on the amount of interaction you can have with one person before it looks like you're just annoying or attention seeking! I don't know what that limit is but I feel that sometimes I cross it, although that may be another issue for another day hahaha! Thankfully the interaction that I've had with this lovely girl has been so wonderful and heartwarming so if there is a chance to grow our relationship in the future, I welcome it wholeheartedly! Obviously I get nervous about appearing annoying but I speak to those I look up to or admire in a way that puts us both on the same level as one another so, in my situation, I'm just grateful to be treated like an equal in return!

With that said, I honestly feel as if there is this mentality nowadays that if a brand, influencer, YouTuber or whoever it may be reacts to a comment of yours or your content or just generally something you've said, you almost have to act like it's a completely normal everyday occurrence and it's really not! I get so annoyed because it's almost as if we have to stop ourselves from "fangirling" or simply getting excited about something that, prior to the point where we started making something of ourselves, we would've been jumping up and down and screaming at the top of our lungs because we were just that happy. I often have a "what has this world come to?" attitude every time I see a lack of enthusiasm from an individual who may be genuinely excited about the situation but gives off the impression that they have to hide that previously mentioned excitement because it would make them less cool. I understand that everybody reacts differently but it's as if we have to become robots and close off our emotions for the fear of appearing "normal" and "real".

I will forever be grateful for new opportunities and will not let my true feelings of pure happiness go astray or be hidden for the sake of seeming too real! Be sure to leave me a message in the comment section down below telling me about any experience that you've had with someone you look up to, did it meet your expectations or was it a little bit of a disaster? Let's chat!


Thursday 25 October 2018

The Darkness Is Inevitable

Hey lovelies!

I just thought that I would take a mid-full week break from the Halloween content to bring you something that is a little different and maybe a little shorter than my usual posts. I know that I've been branching out a lot more lately with the type of content that I've been making but I feel as if Blogtober is one of the few times of the year when I can change it up and try out something new in such a condensed space of time. I hope you don't mind!

Today I came across a short excerpt that I wrote around three years ago after I watched and got inspired by a video called 'Sparks: A Visual Poem' on Meghan Rienks' YouTube channel! The video is centred around a poem that Meghan wrote about the darkness that takes place in our life and how, despite the fact that it is always there, life will also give you moments where the weight lifts off of our shoulders and you feel this sense of overwhelming happiness. I remember writing the excerpt below after truly feeling the emotion that she felt in this visual poem and felt compelled to say my truth in writing as I always do and always have done.

Here's what I wrote...

"I was waiting for you to tell me that the darkness was inevitable, and sure enough it came, with a bitter drop upon my moment of release; a time where my happiness heightened to a level so unexpected, my heart felt overwhelmed. You speak my language and yet it's not possible to refrain from venturing on that journey again. I nod at every word, believing you because I've felt it too, that spark, that beautiful light that fills you, that unexpected glory."

I hope that you've felt that spark more than once in your life so far! I believe it is truly one of the most wonderful things in this world and although it is often fleeting, it feels so good in the moment so please make sure to cherish it when it's there! Leave me a comment down below if you've felt that spark in a time of darkness, I want to hear about your experiences if you so wish to share them 💖


Wednesday 24 October 2018

The Day Of The Dead | Halloween: Get The Look

Hey lovelies!

If you're anything like me, you want to try and find something cool and original for Halloween! I get that this might not always be possible but when you find an idea that you really like, one of the best but often worst parts of putting together the costume is finding each little item that you need. This is where I come in! I am here to help cut out the middle man and get you the looks that you may want to create/recreate this Halloween season!

Today's post is centred around The Day of the Dead and whilst this sounds like a spooky concept, the holiday that is celebrated on the first couple of days of November actually features some pretty amazing costumes and makeup that is truly a work of art! The sentiment behind The Day of the Dead is predominantly a happy one as it allows individuals to remember lost loved ones and honour their deaths. Admittedly it sounds slightly morbid and not something I would often talk about on my blog but seeing as both this holiday and Halloween are so close together in dates and are often mixed together, I thought that I would search the online pages of Pretty Little Thing to bring you a beautiful Day of the Dead inspired look just in time to celebrate this day, if you so wish, as well as Halloween!

So without further ado, here is the look...

Simple but very Spanish/Mexican oriented and the fact that it is all black, allows the makeup to do the talking so that your completed look is able to stand out a whole lot more!
From Left: 1. Black Lace Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress, 2. Multi Colour Gem Hoop Earrings, 3. Black Acrylic Bead Tassel Earrings, 4. Gold Diamante Heart Drops, 5. Gold Moon Star Drop Earrings, 6. Serenna Black Lace Up Sandals, 7. Gold Coin Diamante Hoop Earrings *Sold Out* (Similar).
This is where the fun takes place! The Day of the Dead allows you to be creative and bold with your choices, so have a look at the options below and get painting or bejewelling depending on your preference!
From Top Left: 1. Day Of The Dead Halloween Stickers, 2. The Gypsy Shrine Diamond Skull, 3. Halloween Day Of The Dead Palette Makeup, 4. The Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Aura Face Jewel, 5. The Gypsy Shrine Candy Skull Face Jewels, 6. The Gypsy Shrine Teeth Jaw Jewels.

So beautiful and so creative! I really hope that some of you take a chance and see what Day of the Dead look you're able to create using these stunning pieces from Pretty Little Thing! I know that it's definitely not your most conventional Halloween look but at least it will be more meaningful than a zombie or vampire costume - let me know what you think in the comment section down below!


Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Lazy Girl Guide To Halloween Costumes | Boohoo Style

Hey lovelies!

Next up in the Halloween Series for Blogtober we have some Boohoo loving for the upcoming spooky season! I have compiled quite a few options here if you're looking to keep your bank balance in check but still have some fun playing around with different looks! We all know those Halloweens where, no matter how much you want to go out and celebrate the night, you just can't muster up the courage to go all out. In spirit of this, I present to you: The Lazy Girl Guide To Halloween Costumes! So, here goes...

For those girls who want to look like they're in the festive Halloween mood but still want to keep it basic and casual - too cool for school huh? I got you covered, don't you worry!
From Left: 1. Halloween Basic Witch Tee, 2. Halloween Hallo Queen Tee, 3. Bow Down Witches Halloween T-Shirt.

Minimal effort but people will know that you've tried! I have, for the most part, provided you with whole outfits especially dresses just to make it easier for you on the night!
From Left: 1. Petite Beth Halloween Wrap Spider Print Bodysuit, 2. Halloween Glow In Dark Spider Bodycon Dress, 3. Halloween Sinner Balloon Sleeve Oversized Sweatshirt Dress, 4. Halloween Costume Bodycon Dress, 5. Halloween Skeleton Bodycon Dress, 6. Halloween Cat Face Bodycon Dress.

We've all had those Halloweens where you want to make the effort and you're actually really looking forward to it but then it gets to the day and you're just not feeling it! These options are for you so that you make a little bit of effort in honour of the occasion!
From Left: 1. Halloween Glitter Skeleton Tee, 2. Halloween I'm A Mouse Tee, 3. Spider Web Halloween Onesie, 4. Halloween Skeleton Hand Tee.

If you can't fathom the idea of putting on a full costume for Halloween then just dress up in all black so that you blend into the night and put on one of these gorgeous headbands, chokers, veils or masks!
From Left: 1. Halloween Spider Veil Headband, 2. Halloween Blood Drip Choker, 3. Floral Candy Skull Mask, 4. Halloween Lace Ears Headband, 5. Floral Candy Skull Black Veil, 6. Halloween Faux Fur Leopard Cat Ears.

Why bother wasting your money on separate costumes when you can join forces, split the cost, have the same costume and keep each other warm on a potentially foggy, cold evening at a Halloween gathering!
From Left: 1. Halloween Pumpkin Twin Jumper, 2. Halloween Trick or Treat Twin Jumper.

Eeeek there we have it! I hope that you enjoyed today's post and got plenty of inspiration from it to make sure that, however lazy and not in the mood you are, you can still make the most of this eery holiday! I am so happy that Boohoo have got some cool pieces in their Halloween collection this year and at such great prices too! Be sure to let me know in the comment section down below, which type of Halloween costume you're vibing with from this post, I'm curious! 👻


Monday 22 October 2018

Glitter Skull | Halloween

Hey lovelies!

Eeeek my first Halloween post for this year! I really hope that you've been loving Blogtober so far and are super ready to get into the full on Halloween content now that the month is slowly drawing to a close! Once again, I was roped in by sister and makeup artist Elena Pylarinos to have my face painted in the most weird and wonderful way yet!

The Glitter Skull, not for the faint of heart might I say, is unlike any other Halloween look but it proves to be one for the true lovers of glitter and for those who can't really stand to be an overly bloody mess at Halloween, no pun intended! I am always intrigued by the way in which my sister's inspiration from a photo or from her own preconceived idea slowly manifests itself into reality. She absolutely loves to get stuck in and goes above and beyond to ensure that the final look is the best one possible! So, if you're looking for a makeup artist to create incredible Halloween looks on you then check out her Instagram and get in touch!

Now, just like many other individuals, I love Halloween! I find it so cool that it is that one time of the year where you can truly get as creative as possible and have fun even if it is to scare everyone in sight with how scarily realistic you look in costume! Halloween is so versatile and it's great that it allows you to choose the extremity of your look, so whether you choose to go all out with the liquid latex and dripping blood or you're more of a subtle dresser with a pair of cat ears and a tail, there is always something for your mood! I must admit though, that it's always better to go all out so at least no one can say you didn't try!

Be sure to let me know in the comment section down below, what you think of this look! Are you a fan of glitter or do you loathe the fact that it always turns up just when you thought you got rid of it all?! Me too, lovelies, me too.


Makeup & Photography: Elena Pylarinos MUA

Sunday 21 October 2018

Blogger Recognition Award!

Hey lovelies!

Ahhh so I've got great news, I got tagged/nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! I have done a little bit of research as to what this requires and have presented you with the rules down below! Before I get into this, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Niamh from for nominating me in the first place, it was so sweet of her to even think of me and include me in such an award! So here goes...

THE RULES: (as seen on Niamh's post)

- Write a post showing your Award ✔
- Give a brief story of how your blog started (still to come)
- Two pieces of advice to give to new bloggers (still to come)
- Thank you to who nominated you and include a link to their blog
- Select 15 bloggers to nominate (still to come)

How My Blog Started:

Not Vicarious was created in 2015 when I was seeing all of these stunning blogs floating around on the Internet. I was so in love with them all and was inspired by the idea that you could create such a beautiful, seamless article or post with carefully curated photos and text just to tell a story! I love my blog so much and it has always acted as a space for me to be who I want to be, to share my passions with those that read Not Vicarious and who want a little encouragement to be their best selves so that they don't focus so much on the idea that they're not exactly like those individuals who they look up to and want to be. I teach you how to not vicariously live through someone else!

Two Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers:

1. Be Consistent: This is something that I struggle with and whilst I haven't really had the opportunity to not be consistent throughout Blogtober, I have still had plenty of times in the past where I have struggled to keep on top of blog content. Life does always get in the way and some things you don't expect, especially if they're in your personal life, so in a sense you will slip up now and again but if the intent and the passion to create consistent content is there then that will shine through!

2. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help: The beginning of this proper blogging journey for me was obviously very daunting but being able to bite the bullet and ask other bloggers and influencers for help on certain things was so great! I totally understand that you may be afraid to see how some react but, thankfully, everyone who I've come across have been so nice and are willing to support your content, support your blog and most importantly support you - it's so heartwarming, so give it a try!

In no particular order, I nominate:

* Note: apologies if you have already been nominated for this but feel free to leave your links to your posts in the comment section down below! *

...and there we have it, my post about my Blogger Recognition Award! I hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my blog, there will hopefully be a full "Blogging Journey" post going live early next year around the time of my next Blog-aversary! Until then, be sure to leave me a comment about your own blogging journey or even tell me who your favourite blogger is at the moment, no harm done if it's not me hahaha!


Saturday 20 October 2018

Autumn Beauty Trend - Mix & Match!

Hey lovelies!

Today's post comes to you after I was having a look through my sister's blog, The Skinny Hot Choc, and found this picture (above). Now, she may be a makeup artist but I have always known that she has had such a huge creative streak within her, even before she properly entered the beauty world! I am therefore so grateful that I have her in my life to continue to use me as her model and make incredible looks like this one!

I must admit that, despite some of you thinking I'm biased, I have always been in love with this look because not only does it incorporate two absolutely gorgeous shades by Kat Von D Beauty, the details of which you can find on Elena's post, but it also uses Autumn's colour palette in such a unique way! The deep rusty red and the deep purple melt seamlessly together between the top and bottom lip to create such a gorgeous sensual look! I would definitely love to see this become a beauty trend in the near future and hopefully be rocked by some of you lovely bloggers and readers out there!

Honestly though, I can see it now: the image of me sitting there planning out a fashion photoshoot with a camel coloured trench coat, a knitted jumper, black jeans, booties and this lip look! Oh I am so there hahaha! Would you want to see this look on my blog soon? I want to know and also be sure to let me know what you think of this potential trend, is it something that you're here for or is it just too risky for you? Chat with me in the comment section down below!


Friday 19 October 2018

ASOS Autumn Wishlist

Hey lovelies!

Recently I feel as if I've been missing out on all of the Autumn fashion and whilst I can't just go ahead and splurge on it all, I can create a wishlist with all the things that I love since my birthday is getting closer and closer! 

So without further ado, here are just 10 of my favourite items from ASOS:

1 // ASOS DESIGN High Waist Mini Skirt In Metallic - I don't know what it was about this look but it just seemed so different and unusual to what I would usually go for! The metallic pink is great for a party as it gives you that extra dazzle factor that we all know and love when we first enter a room!

2 // Pimkie Hooded Faux Fur Coat - Wear a furry blanket outside in public? Yes please! Honestly when I'm cold, all I want to do is wrap up in a blanket and if I can do that in broad daylight on the streets of London then you know that I'll be there front and centre!

3 // Missguided Faux Fur Coat in Red - A faux fur coat in red? What more could I ask for? Just like the black version by Pimkie, this coat will be so handy for those days where it's cold but you still want to look cute and oh so fancy!

4 // Pimkie Check Reversible Scarf - Huge, chunky scarves are my favourite because they always end up being so versatile when it comes to wearing and styling them with your outfits. I love to wear them draping round my neck or bundling them up around my neck for that extra cosy effect!

5 // ASOS DESIGN Soft Shirt - I really want to get into wearing skirts or more structured shorts for the Autumn season and I think that this shirt would be perfect to tuck into them, especially for a work look!

6 // ASOS DESIGN Kally Knitted Over The Knee Boots - I have wanted a pair of these for so long and would love to try them on just to see if they suit my body and height. I feel that with a pair of black jeans, they have the potential to make your legs look much longer, thereby giving you a leaner and taller look!

7 // Dune Effie Black Faux Croc Cross Body Bag - One of the classiest bags that I have seen in a while and I don't know whether that's because of the croc pattern or the style of bag but it could work so well for fancy and casual occasions!

8 // Love Moschino Logo Bag With Heart Pom Poms - Okay I know this one is so expensive but it is just the most gorgeous classic everyday bag that I have ever seen! I think I also love it because it looks like my sister's Michael Kors across body bag that has the exact same texture as this one!

9 // ASOS DESIGN Rural Velvet Ankle Boots - Talk about the Autumn colour palette coming out in full force, these boots are beautiful and would definitely suit a tonal look based on this shade!

10 // ASOS DESIGN Suede Mini Backpack With Ring - I have been into the ring detail on all kinds of items these days, as you might have seen in my Autumn Favourites post where I featured some suede boots with a ring detail on the zip. The same love definitely applies to this backpack which I can so easily use when I want to be handsfree when shopping!

What do you think of these items? Link some of your favourite ASOS items in the comment section down below and offer outfit inspiration for each other, I would love to see what your style is like!


Thursday 18 October 2018

All The Leaves On The Trees...

Hey lovelies!

There have often been times in my life where I have felt extremely vulnerable, hurt and alone because of the actions and words of others. Looking back, I guess it came from the idea of feeling as if my words were not being heard but, in all honesty, maybe I just wasn't reacting well to things and what ensued was just my inability to handle what was going on around me.

I vividly remember being upset and sitting on the floor just staring at this tree outside. I found it to be so beautiful because the sun was setting and the yellow-golden glow it cast upon the leaves was unlike anything else I had seen. I wondered how something so green and common could be turned into something so vibrant and new. The annoying thing is, I can't recall if I managed to photograph the exact view but I know that I should've, just for future reference so that I can remember it in all its glory. I did write something, however, which I don't mind sharing with you because maybe it will give you some peace of mind that things will get better and it could act as a reminder to keep going even if you feel like everything may be at its worst:

"Once you take a moment to breathe, a moment to stop your tears, a moment to bask in the sunlight, a moment to notice the sun shining orange on the green leaves, nothing ever seems so bad. You hurt but you're still alive, you feel empty and yet you can still take a breath, and although it saddens you to think that the night approaches and the day's energy has worn itself dry, you're not alone. Well, not as alone as you think you are. You have people that love you, people that care for you and people that want to help. Be brave and keep taking that step to start the next day over. Keep in mind the progress you've made though, don't let it go because you're on your way to becoming who you want to be."

Very deep I know. I think it's okay to open a bit and give you an insight into how I too have my low points where I don't feel so good. Weirdly enough, I now have a newfound value and appreciation for trees with glistening leaves, just like the one in the photo. I remember going for a walk on a trail with my mum and sister and came across this tree and instantly knew that I had to take a picture of it. It's beautiful, to me anyway, and it allowed a sense of calm to wash over me to which I am eternally grateful.

Leave a comment down below if you've had a similar experience with something that has enabled you to feel peace in a moment of unease, anxiety or sadness because I would love to hear about it if you're willing to open up! 💓 


Wednesday 17 October 2018

Autumnal Quotes To Inspire You!

Hey lovelies!

Today's post is a little different to what I'm usually used to but I have always loved quotes and the impact that they have on my life. I find it so strange but so cool that there is always a quote that suits my mood, my emotions and my situation no matter the circumstances! I have put together a few Autumnal quotes that will hopefully get you in the mood to immerse yourself in the season. There are quite a few literary ones in here but, what can I say, the inner English Literature nerd in me who loves some existential wording can't help but include them!

So if you're anything like me, you'll love these 10 quotes that I chose for you:

1. "I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as Autumnal sunshine by staying in the house" - Nathaniel Hawthorne
2. "Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile" - William Cullen Bryant
3. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" - F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. "Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale" - Lauren DeStefano
5. "Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns" - George Eliot
6. "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" - Anne of Green Gables
7. "I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves" - Unknown
8. "Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower" - Albert Camus
9. "I loved Autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it" - Lee Maynard
10. "I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion" - Henry David Thoreau

There you have it! I would love if you could let me know which one is your favourite quote from the list above and if you have some of your own, then be sure to leave a comment down below and share them with me!


Tuesday 16 October 2018

Go-To Podcasts This Season!

Hey lovelies!

I have had such a wonderful day so far because aside from the life admin I've had to complete, I was able to spend a couple of hours walking this wooded trail (above), sitting in the fresh air and listening to some of my recent favourite podcasts. I don't think that I have a had a more successful and relaxing solo walk than this one in quite a while!

My obsession for podcasts has grown extensively over the last few months and not only have they given me the desire to start up one of my own but they have helped me to stay more positive, more open to new ideas and, as a result, they have made me much, much happier! Now before I start chatting away, I wanted to put in a little side note: if you're wondering about where to go for all of your podcast needs, I recommend checking out the free Castbox app which I use all the time! So get downloading and in the meantime...

Here are my top 5 favourite podcasts for this season!

1 // Kalyn's Coffee Talk by Kalyn Nicholson: As some of you may know, Kalyn is my go-to person whenever I need help getting organised, planning my life or getting the motivation I need throughout any rough period that I have. She is so sweet and thankfully, with this podcast, she will always be on hand to provide you with some more of her weekly wisdom and give you the boost you need to tackle any problems you may be having mentally, emotionally or personally with other individuals you know in your life. If you love her YouTube Coffee Talk videos then you will for sure love her podcasts!

2 // We're The Ladies by Carrie Murray & Julia Giaimo: After watching these lovely ladies on YouTube for quite a while now, I have recently got into their podcast that covers all things music, TV, mental health and life related. I really think that their podcast perfectly captures their hilarious friendship and allows them to be witty, sincere and so, so funny whilst talking about some of the more serious topics in life as well as some of the less serious topics like the narrator from Jane The Virgin, which was such a funny conversation! Please give this podcast a go, you'll be better off for it!

3 // The Poorly Planned Podcast by Alex Centomo, Dan Jensen & Tim Jensen: Now, could you think of a better trio?! I honestly love how casual and cool their conversations are throughout this podcast and I especially love the fact that it makes you feel as if you're having a good ole' chat with some of your best friends; this is probably where the idea of it being a "poorly planned podcast" comes from. Alex, Dan, and Tim make you feel so comfortable and give off that "hey let's sit down, get comfy and have a chat about life" vibe and I am living for it! I think that, sometimes, we need to have people to listen to, individuals that may not know you personally but can offer you advice using their own experiences. There's no judgement in this podcast, just real opinions and real experiences!

4 // Serious Influence by Blogosphere: This is a must for all of you bloggers and influencers out there! I have wanted something like this for such a long time and it's so great to see a brand put all the juicy answers to some of our agonising questions all onto one handy-dandy place. I especially love the episode with Victoria Magrath because not only is she the sweetest thing ever but she tells you about her honest experience in the blogging industry without being arrogant or giving you the impression that she is better than everyone else - we definitely need more Victoria Magrath's in this world! Have a listen and let me know what you think!

5 // The Female Struggle Is Real by Emma Jo Real-Davies: Finally we have someone who is brutally honest about the real pain of being a female! What I mean by this is: all the things that we tend not to talk about in a very open manner but want to scream out to the rest of the world so that maybe someone will understand or maybe, just maybe, there might be someone out there who feels the exact same struggle that we feel. This podcast is not only sympathetic but so incredibly empathetic and you need to check it out right now!

Be sure to let me know in the comment section down below if you're loving podcasts this season! If you are, which ones are you listening to at the moment? Any of my choices? I would love to get into some more, so let's chat!