Thursday 18 October 2018

All The Leaves On The Trees...

Hey lovelies!

There have often been times in my life where I have felt extremely vulnerable, hurt and alone because of the actions and words of others. Looking back, I guess it came from the idea of feeling as if my words were not being heard but, in all honesty, maybe I just wasn't reacting well to things and what ensued was just my inability to handle what was going on around me.

I vividly remember being upset and sitting on the floor just staring at this tree outside. I found it to be so beautiful because the sun was setting and the yellow-golden glow it cast upon the leaves was unlike anything else I had seen. I wondered how something so green and common could be turned into something so vibrant and new. The annoying thing is, I can't recall if I managed to photograph the exact view but I know that I should've, just for future reference so that I can remember it in all its glory. I did write something, however, which I don't mind sharing with you because maybe it will give you some peace of mind that things will get better and it could act as a reminder to keep going even if you feel like everything may be at its worst:

"Once you take a moment to breathe, a moment to stop your tears, a moment to bask in the sunlight, a moment to notice the sun shining orange on the green leaves, nothing ever seems so bad. You hurt but you're still alive, you feel empty and yet you can still take a breath, and although it saddens you to think that the night approaches and the day's energy has worn itself dry, you're not alone. Well, not as alone as you think you are. You have people that love you, people that care for you and people that want to help. Be brave and keep taking that step to start the next day over. Keep in mind the progress you've made though, don't let it go because you're on your way to becoming who you want to be."

Very deep I know. I think it's okay to open a bit and give you an insight into how I too have my low points where I don't feel so good. Weirdly enough, I now have a newfound value and appreciation for trees with glistening leaves, just like the one in the photo. I remember going for a walk on a trail with my mum and sister and came across this tree and instantly knew that I had to take a picture of it. It's beautiful, to me anyway, and it allowed a sense of calm to wash over me to which I am eternally grateful.

Leave a comment down below if you've had a similar experience with something that has enabled you to feel peace in a moment of unease, anxiety or sadness because I would love to hear about it if you're willing to open up! 💓 


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