Festive Party Look: Rose Gold

Hey lovelies!

Nothing says festive or Christmas like a sparkly lid, nude lips and a red dress, am I right ladies? I honestly wish that I had more excuses to get this dressed up and paint the town rose gold with this Helen E Cosmetics glitter pigment! Before you say anything though, I know that I've spoken about this glitter pigment a lot but it has got to be one of the best ones that I've ever seen or worn in quite a while - no exaggeration!

Now, off the record, party looks are a bit hit and miss with me. I'm just putting it there because I have seen some looks that are so over the top that it borders on human disco ball and whilst that's fun and all, I find it to be slightly obnoxious and a bit of a cliche. With that said, there is a way to go about things that can prevent you from looking like a little kid that has been let loose on the glitter during their spontaneous art sessions!

I have partnered up with Elena Pylarinos MUA once again to bring you a few festive glittery looks that you will hopefully love and better yet, they feature a few shades that may leave you questioning whether or not you should be reaching for those matte shades that, realistically, you can wear any time of the year! Throughout this mini three-part series, you might see me branching off into my own personal area of "the unknown" seeing as some of these pigments are a little bold even for me but by the end you'll be able to watch me slowly become a little more obnoxiously festive than we might have liked, I hope you're looking forward to that...!
Be sure to leave me a comment down below letting me know what you think of the first festive party look! Do you love glitter pigments as much as I do or think that they're too messy to deal with? Let's chat!


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  1. The red glitter is LIT! 😍 it’s actually so striking omg

  2. Where can we buy Helen E in the states? Haven't heard of this brand but it looks so pretty!

    mari | illustrious-mari.blogspot.com

    1. Check out their website here: https://www.helen-e.com/ - You can order from their website but you will obviously have to pay shipping, apparently orders outside of Europe will have a delivery charge of UK£8 so if you're willing to pay that then you can get your hands on some gorgeous products! xx



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