Thursday 3 October 2019

Personal Fashion Trends That I'll Be Supporting This Season

Blogtober Day Three
Hey lovelies!

Everybody always goes on about the latest trends and I'm not so much sick of it, but then again nor am I uninspired by it. The truth is, this blog is about being yourself and staying true to who you are rather than running off and being just like your style icon or whoever you look up to in today's day and age.

I mean don't get me wrong, I am in no way condemning taking inspiration from any of those people but as with a lot of things, there is a fine line between doing as you say and saying as you do. Fashion is subjective. Fashion is something that should mould itself to you and not the other way around.

Most of all though fashion is about the style you love, and the power it has in making you feel like the coolest person in the room - not that your personality won't get you far in doing this too but this is a completely different matter for a completely different time and wow can I ramble!

So to keep things moving, here are my five personal fashion trends that I'll be supporting this season:

1. Turtlenecks: Black ones specifically. I just find it insane how a simple black turtleneck can turn any outfit from drab to fab, from casual to formal, or from business to comfort - it's that amazing!

2. Loungewear - I am by no means a wear jogging bottoms with perspex heels out and about kind of girl but I am embracing that at-home style that is akin to what we now know as athleisure darling! If there was ever a more unnecessary fashion term that would be it haha!

3. Rusty Orange Shades - I've had it on my nails, I have it in the form of paper bag shorts, I have it in the form of a bralette and I have it in the form of a hairtie scarf, I mean what more could I want?! A jacket I hear you say, I'm on it!

4. A Whole Load Of Lace - Yes you heard that right! Black lace is especially beautiful with its delicacy and intricate detail. I recently purchased a black bodysuit that has an entire low back made of lace and oh my goodness does it have the power to make an otherwise basic item look so much nicer!

5. Denim - I'm a huge black jeans fan the majority of the time so investing in blue denim pieces like a denim dress is a big deal for me as I usually see blue denim as more of a Summer thing but not this year because I've branched out! Watch this space.

With that said, be sure to leave me a comment down below letting me know what trends you'll be supporting for your own style this season, it's going to be a very exciting time!


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