In Quarantine | My Mum Does My Makeup

London, UK

Hey lovelies!

When my mum offered to do my makeup in quarantine, I had zero problems with letting her take the lead and paint my face the way that she thought best. My mum is definitely one of those people who believes in "less is more" so I was highly prepared to have a "no makeup" makeup look but nevertheless, I gave her a variety of products in case she wanted to branch out a little.

To my surprise, she decided to try out a look that was super similar to what I would normally wear and throughout the entire process she took such care in making sure that she picked the right colours and making sure she blended everything in correctly. I must say however that she loved to blame the product whenever something didn't look quite right and it was so funny to watch!

I don't think that I tend to buy cheaply made products but I am starting to wonder if maybe it would be worth me branching out a little and purchasing some high-end products - it could do my makeup routine a world of good! I have no idea what the most perfect routine would consist of but it may very well be that I am missing a few products that would make my makeup look or feel so much better on my skin. Regardless of that, I think that my mum did such an amazing job and who knows, maybe in the future she can try out her "no makeup" makeup look on me!

Be sure to let me know what you think at my mum's first attempt at doing my makeup, did she do a good job? Would you let one of your parents do your makeup in or after quarantine? I want to hear your thoughts!


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