Glow Getter or Glow Get Her!

Hey lovelies!!

It's almost October and I just know my skin is going to start hating me if I don't maintain some proper hydration over the next few months. Thankfully I've tried out all sorts of products and I'm wise enough to know that my skin often needs a little more hyaluronic acid than usual in the Autumn and Winter months. Failing that, I often reach for some of my favourite makeup products that give me a temporary glow when I'm in a rush or need a little pick me up on duller days.

Whether you want some glow inducing skincare product recommendations (glow getter), or maybe you've got those locked in and you just want some glowy makeup basics (glow get her), I've listed a few of my favourites below to help give you a head start! 

Skincare/Before Makeup:

- SPF: They weren't kidding when they said this was a must! I use a SPF 50+ sunscreen on my face because I want to protect my skin as much as possible and prevent it ageing from the sun. I highly recommend investing in one that fully protects your skin because you will really see the benefits both in the texture of your skin and, as a result, the way your makeup sits on your face.

- Hyaluronic Acid Serum: I mean kind of a no brainer but it really does give your skin a little extra boost when you add it into your skincare routine.

- Plant Derived Squalane: Makes your face super shiny afterwards but it sure does give you some serious hydration. Definitely a night serum if you're looking to wake up with dewy skin and a more youthful complexion.

- Essence: Very popular in Korean skincare and I've absolutely loved what it has done for my skin, especially this one from Cosrx. It is such a good brand and their essence has really made a difference in the way my skin looks!

- Moisturiser: It says it in the name, it gives your skin moisture! Not only does it do that but it helps to hydrate and protect your skin thereby giving you a much healthier complexion. I have tried quite a few different moisturisers and my favourite one right now is also from Cosrx (featured below).


- Glossier Futuredew: I adore this product! It's an oil-serum hybrid that can be used by itself or as a base for your makeup to make your foundation look that extra bit glowy. This has always been a staple for me come rain or shine!

- Highlighters: Applied to the highest points of your face, highlighters have always been the perfect go-to when you want to make any makeup look shine.

After Makeup:

- Setting Sprays: You wouldn't think this was all that important but a dewy setting spray has done wonders for getting me that beautiful glow when my makeup has looked a bit drab or too matte for my liking.

- Face Mists: Similar to setting sprays, you can easily find a good face mist that can be applied before and after makeup to hydrate your skin and give the products on your face a quick refresh.

Be sure to check out the products I've linked below and let me know of any products you recommend!

Until next time...

Love always, Stephanie


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