Monday 28 October 2019

I Found Somewhere New

Blogtober Day Twenty
Hey lovelies!

So I found somewhere new today. I decided to go outside on my lunch break and just take a walk and it so happens that I found somewhere I haven't been before - Russell Square Gardens.

I sometimes forget about the kind of natural beauty we have in London because my weekdays feel like they are predominantly filled with busy roads, car fumes, dodging strangers in the street and trying to keep myself warm in this yo-yo weather that England is known for having at random times of the year.

For me though, on this date, I felt happiness. I didn't know that it could be as simple as finding a location that I haven't stumbled across yet and being able to look up at the trees, stare at the fountain, admire the hustle and bustle of people and be reminded about why I love nature so much. If you don't know already, nature helped me and calmed me when nothing else could and I'll always be grateful for it, always.

I'm excited to see what new places I can find as I force myself to venture out more instead of staying cooped up indoors to eat my lunch. I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes it can be so nice to keep warm inside but you don't really get to see the world that way, right?



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