Friday 27 February 2015

I love statement tops! They are the ones that make the most conversation and get people noticing what things you are and aren’t into. My Run DMC muscle-T is one of my favourites because, number one: it’s not black like the other clothes in my wardrobe and number two: their songs get me dancing; especially ‘It’s Tricky’! (*starts doing running man*)

The fact that there are endless amounts of band t-shirts and logo jumpers that allow you to express yourself without having to say much at all makes me want to buy more! I’m definitely into this trend and will probably still be wearing these types of tops for quite a long time.

Make sure to comment down below on whether you love to wear these tops and if you do, what do you wear them with? Black skinny jeans, leather jacket and edgy jewellery, no? Just me, oookay!







Monday 23 February 2015

Where do I even begin? There are so many products that I just can’t live without…beauty products surround me wherever I go! These however are my must have essentials…
Baby Lips Lip Balm

These colourful beauties are my babies! I take them everywhere I go and have them in almost every colour. They brighten up my day and moisturise my lips so much – I really don’t know where I would be without them…


Lipsticks: 1 – Coquette by Chanel, 2 – Please Me by MAC, 3 – Angel by MAC, 4 – Faux by MAC, 5 – Flavour by MAC, 6 – Peachstock by MAC and 7 – Romy by L’Oréal Paris
A girl has got to have a little glamour in her life and when it comes to beauty, MAC lipsticks are my favourite, simply because they have a huge range of colours and so many textures to choose from that you have to splurge often if you want to complete your collection – I’m nowhere near! MAC however is not the only brand that I purchase from as I love to buy lip products from L’Oréal, Rimmel, Revlon, Chanel and Maybelline too. The lipstick stain Romy by L’Oréal Paris is brilliant, the brush is soft and the product itself is rich in colour and adds a good amount of shine, especially for a day look.

‘They’re Real!’ Mascara

This coats your lashes with just the right amount of mascara to make your eyes pop without flaking and making them look too spidery. If you absolutely love your lashes looking full and voluminous, this mascara is for you, particularly when you want to finish off that look you spent ages trying to perfect.

Boi-ing Concealer

This industrial strength concealer is my secret to concealing those horrible blemishes that appear out of nowhere! I use this every time I apply my make-up probably because, for some odd reason, even if I have had a good night’s sleep, there is always those dark circles under my eyes that do not go AWAY!!

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

These are my go-to eye shadows, especially for autumn and winter! A quick swipe of these colours makes your eyes go from blaaa to yaaa!! The earthy tones give some depth to the overall look of your eyes and the added shimmer gives you that extra pazazz – I can’t believe I just used that word!

No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour and Highlighters Palette + No7 Stay Perfect Shadow Palette

You can see that I have used these two palettes A LOT! They form the basis of my daily make-up routine and without them I would be truly lost. The two cheek blushes can be mixed together to add a nice, warm colour to your face and the highlighters are perfect for…well…highlighting your face and making you look that extra bit glowy. The eye shadow palette on the other hand is very flexible as there are various colours that can give your eyes a more natural look whilst adding extra shimmer.

Bioré Facial Wash

This skin-clearing facial wash has been my absolute favourite out of all the skin care products that I have tried. I may still get those inevitable blemishes that sometimes appear but all the excess oil I have is removed and my skin is always left feeling fresh and matte, which is a definite must for me at all times!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser

One thing I hate after washing my face is using face creams that contain oil. I often avoid them because I’m constantly worrying that blemishes are going to start appearing on my face. This oil free moisturiser is just what I need and the fresh, fruity fragrance makes my skin feel cool and clean.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ Fragrance Mist

Ahhhhh, I love this smell!! I really can’t describe it but I‘ll try anyway (*takes a deep breath*), okay so this fragrance is completely and utterly amazing!!! Victoria’s Secret never fails to disappoint, this mist is perfect for a night out plus the exotic florals and sultry notes help to give it a sense of mystery.

Dior Backstage Beauty Blender

This beauty blender is soft and will help to blend in your make-up perfectly. You can choose to use it dry or damp but personally, for the best results, I tend to use it dry and rinse it out afterwards to stop it getting clogged up with the products that I’ve used.

Eyebrow Brush (sorry about the broken off pieces, I use this quite a lot!)

Whenever my eyebrows are messy and all over the place, this eyebrow brush helps to smooth them out and makes them look all neat and tidy – what more could I ask for?!


Wednesday 18 February 2015

I definitely cannot believe that winter is here and I have adapted to it quite well if I may say so myself – apart from those times when I’m at home shouting “Why is it so cold!!”, but you know it comes with the territory. This time of year involves snuggling up in jumpers and just watching the weather change – if of course you have time to do that and you’re not snowed under with work (no pun intended)!

It seems like a common misconception that dark lip colours always have to be bold and in your face but the truth is there are so many shades of darkness that no matter what, you have to pick what you feel comfortable with. I fell in love with these five MAC lipsticks – they are not of the same intensity or the same colour for that matter but each brings something to your look, whether that is a space-like shimmer or a matte finish. Enjoy perusing my top five favourite dark lipsticks!

P.S. Excuse the pouting, I got a bit excited…



Brick-O-La (HERE)
Rebel (HERE)
Plum Dandy (HERE)
Fetish (HERE)
Mocha (HERE)

Monday 16 February 2015

I honestly cannot believe that it is February already; we're already two months into the new year! If you’re anything like me, starting a new year is a momentous occasion because it’s your chance to start afresh and see the world in a new light. There are so many people that make New Year’s resolutions and are able to stick to them but I however am useless at doing that! So I have decided that for this year, 2015 (it feels so good writing that!), I am going to become a more efficient and more motivated person so that I can reach those dreams and goals that I have had for such a long time!

In order to make this happen, I have made a list of all the things that I want to have done by the end of this year and although I am slightly nervous about what is to come, I am also excited to be able to have the chance to improve myself and come closer to my full potential. My list features personal goals concerning my basic lifestyle, such as my exercise regime, motivation and even time management (something that I struggle with).

I have recently discovered a brilliant website that gives you ways in which you can improve your life – This site is by far one of the best that I have found, mainly because it encourages you and makes you more inspired rather than simply suggesting that you can’t change now, you’re past that point, there’s no going back from that negative state of mind.

It’s very easy to think that to make yourself better you have to make sudden changes but the truth is when you do this it's harder to adjust. Taking smaller steps may take longer but the journey will perhaps be easier for you.

If you’re thinking about turning over a new leaf and making your life better for you, then comment down below and tell me about the things that you want to change in your life and how you’re going to go about doing it.

P.S. "Be the change you wish to see"



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