Monday 23 March 2015

#Motivation Monday – Meeting The New Ones!!

…And by new ones I mean new humans - which you’ve never met before.

I recently had to go to an event that involved meeting new people, mostly of my age, and having to introduce myself to them as well as to the leader in charge. I have to say, even though I handled it well and managed to get through it in one piece, I still had that moment of “oh no, they’re going to be so much better than me!” or “what if they don’t like me?!” – It is these annoying, little thoughts that I have that leave me feeling overly nervous and just plain scared!!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these feelings can push you to go further because you want to feel like you can work through those emotions and this can be good. I remember just sitting there, most likely looking composed on the outside, but I could slowly feel my leg begin to shake and for some crazy, odd reason my teeth were chattering – not visibly though, thankfully!! I thought to myself “it seriously can’t be that cold in here, the guy just shut the window, pull yourself together woman!!!”

I did manage to pull myself together, but that feeling of intimidation still did not budge but I thought as long as I contribute, I can show that I’m just as worthy, just as good and just as human (it was by this point that I had calmed myself down and began to act normally)!

Feeling intimidated is one of the worst things because you doubt and put yourself down for no reason at all!! The people sitting in the same room as you and looking as if they know everything are the exact same people who have travelled from a different part of the country and are therefore in the same position as you. They have probably never had to participate in something so formal and nor have you, so don’t automatically think that they know better or feel any better than you!

Never let your opinions of others overshadow your greatness and your success; you are just as worthy as the people you view as beautiful or clever, never think otherwise!


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