Friday 1 May 2015

April Favourites!

1) Denim Shirts: These were a definite must for me this month, they go with everything!! After dressing myself in the darker colours for pretty much all of the winter months, I felt that it was time to give up the black clothing…wait did I just say that – no, no, no I take that back!! What is life without those gorgeous black booties and those black flowy kimonos? I mean what is life? Woah, getting a bit philosophical here…rewind! Denim shirts are amazing, end of!

2) Soap & Glory Perfect Ten eyeshadow palette: this was my go to this April, without a doubt. It’s clear to see that neutral shades are my kind of thing and delving into the different shades of pink and brown was just heaven to me!

3) Coachella Fashion: even though “The Hudge” wasn’t at Coachella this year, it seems that everyone from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner were making up for her absence by rocking some of the best festival looks. Fringing and big statement necklaces were definitely a necessity and not to mention the large amount of lace and body chains that were making an appearance on practically everyone who attended.

4) Essie: I have recently been into purchasing some of the nail polishes from Essie and I have to say I knew that they had a great collection but I didn’t know they were that good! ‘Go Ginza’ seems to have been a hit this month for everyone on Twitter after I had posted a picture of my nails and I’m happy to say that it has become a favourite of mine; it’s not your usual shade of lavender, it’s better!

5) Spring Cleaning: you have no idea how messy everything is, I look around and there are books everywhere and the annoying thing is, I can’t actually do much about it at this moment in time. However April was more of a wardrobe/drawer Spring clean for me, in other words, the best kind! All the clothes that were too small or too worn out to wear again were either thrown out or given to charity – it’s definitely a good feeling being able to say that you don’t need something and actually being able to give it to someone that does, it's priceless!


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