Friday 8 May 2015

Holy Chic!

So maybe I do have a little obsession with my Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, the black and gold mix make them the ideal pair for both casual and formal events - they're versatile, what can I say?

My recent shopping trip left me lusting over the majority of the items in New Look and it's no joke, I could have bought the whole store if I wasn't careful! New Look is so affordable and so it's no coincidence that I managed to leave the store with a few of the things that I had seen, including this basic white t-shirt, new black jeans (my other ones had faded) and this plaid shirt.

It may not seem it but this is definitely a different look for me what with the non-denim shirt and the reduction of black clothing in my outfit, I think my taste is changing, I mean Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner (she says, looking out at the grey sky and rain pouring down!) 

I hope that you like this look and also comment down below if Summer is fast approaching in your area or if it's taking it's leisurely time to get there! :P