Saturday 25 June 2016


Hey my lovelies!

Now, I need to get something straight. I am definitely one of those girls who likes to revel in natural looks and apply her makeup in reasonable amounts but for awhile now I have wanted to create a dramatic look.

I'm going to admit that however much I try, I'm not very skilled in that department. I try my very best, to say the least, but I think it's something that equates to that moment in primary school where you have all the paint pots laid out in front of you and you sit there trying to figure out what colours you're supposed to mix to make purple. In other words, you have to be able to know which eyeshadow shades look great together, otherwise you resort to looking like a racoon (damn the black eyeshadow) or as if you've gotten into a full on fist fight with a complete stranger. Thankfully my blogger sister and founder of The Skinny Hot Choc was an absolute saviour after I moaned to her about the fact that "I just can't do it", she knows how to make these things work check out her blog, you'll understand why.

I'm not entirely sure if it's just me but I've always been a little wary of purple-toned eyeshadows. I'm well-aware that on some skin tones like mine, it is very possible to look like someone has punched you in the face and, truth be told, nobody wants that. This particular eyeshadow shade from the Accessorize Bejewelled palette worked pretty well for this dramatic eye makeup and stopped the look from bordering on sore eyes! I would suggest that if you try a look like this for a night out, get some balance by creating a nude lip so that the eyes remain the key focus.

I hope to be able to do more looks like this for you in the future and if you have any suggestions for other blog posts, leave them in the comment section down below, I'll be more than happy to hear what you have to say!



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