Friday 3 February 2017

Be My Valentine!

Hey my lovelies!

Yes. It's that time again. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and regardless of whether you're single or not, I guarantee we're all worrying about something. I have this image in my head of three groups of people: the happy couples, those wishing they had a significant other but don't so they (understandably) sit in self-pity, and then those who really don't care about the fact that they're single. I just want to say, I feel you...all of you.

I must admit that sometimes I'm slightly cynical about the 14th of February but for the most part, I find it all so damn cute. I love hearts, I love chocolates and I love flowers! I am, what they call, a hopeless romantic. I will happily sit on the sofa and watch rom-coms all day. I must admit, however, that I was an honorary member of the self-pity club for a small part of my life but then I realised, there's no point in being jealous or upset because regardless of whether you have someone or not, Valentine's Day is a day about love, even if it is just for your family and friends.

Whilst we're on the topic of love, I have created a classic look that I'm hoping you will all fall in love with. First of all, I need to say that I'm so thankful for eyeliner because it really does make any look pop. I think that it's one of those products that is so effortlessly timeless that you can't help but reach for it when you do your makeup; I know I couldn't help myself! Red lipstick, on the other hand, is always a must for Valentine's Day and I know that's a total cliché but just like the winged eyeliner, it's a statement product for any of you makeup lovers out there, plus red is a colour that has stood the test of time and is too considered one of the classics.

Hopefully you've managed to get some inspiration! If you decide to recreate this look then please tag me because I would love to see your photos. Also, let me know your thoughts about Valentine's Day in the comment section down below, do you love it or do you hate it?


P.S. I've realised, just by looking at these pictures, that I am in desperate need of a tan...I apologise for the somewhat snow white complexion.