Friday 30 June 2017

Spring/Summer Outfits 2017

Hey lovelies!

Once again, it's time for my seasonal outfits!! If you've been following me since the start, you would know that every couple of seasons I post outfits for each day of the week using a selection of items from the 'New In' section on the Topshop website. I love the clothes, shoes and accessories that this store has to offer and despite the fact that some of the products are more expensive than I would like, they are great quality and can last you for a good length of time.

I really wanted to create a look for the 4th July so I decided to focus on the week beginning the 3rd but even if you don't celebrate this particular occasion, feel free to have a peek at the other outfits that I have managed to put together, enjoy!


P.S. Let me know which outfit is your favourite or better yet which item you'll definitely be picking up yourself!


I am loving the pastel shades in this outfit! They are so effortless and simply scream Spring/Summer fashion. The combination of the baby blue skirt and baby pink bodysuit is made all the more fresh and clean by being paired with these clean cut white shoes. The sunglasses and bag add that extra cute detail to make this the perfect outfit to start the week.


From Left: 1. Large Eyelet Bodysuit, 2. Moto American Flag Splice Mom Shorts, 3. Mini Stella Soft Bucket Bag, 4. Lorenzo Style Sunglasses, 5. Coffee Lace Up Trainers.
It's the 4th July!!!!! What better way to start this day than with an outfit perfectly in touch with the colours of the American flag?! I decided to incorporate the red, blue and white even though the back of the shorts had 100% already got this covered hahaha! I designed this look to be super comfortable but also very edgy and very festive because, after all, it is Independence Day for all of my American readers out there!!


From Left: 1. Stitchy Bralet, 2. Moto Kiri High Side Shorts, 3. Handmade Premium Acetate Kitten Club Sunglasses, 4. Animal Ears Applique Cap, 5. Dolly Faux Fur Tote Bag, 6. Tucker Leopard Print Slip On Trainers.
This is by far my favourite outfit because it is just so cute! Yes I love that word, I can't help it! This look somehow reminds me of Ariana Grande with the ears on the hat and the light pink shade found in the bralet and gorgeous faux fur tote bag (*cue heart eyes emoji*). Everything about this outfit just screams my name and I would love to give it a try but I'm not too sure that it would entirely suit me - I'm sure it will suit many of you stunning girls out there though!


From Left: 1. Floral Embroidered Lace Bralet, 2. Moto Button Front Denim Midi Skirt, 3. Ria Floral Cross Body Bag, 4. Handmade Premium Acetate Round Frame Sunglasses, 5. Mauritius Embroidered Platform Sandals.
I am slowly falling in love with embroidered items of clothing because they sure do have the power to amp up any look. The shoes featured in this outfit are stunning and once put together with the bralet and midi skirt, they instantly create a sexy Latina look...or am I just imagining that? Either way, this outfit proves to be a great preview for what will hopefully be a nice, long weekend for you all.


From Left: 1. Embroidered Cherry Bardot Top, 2. Moto Lace Up Denim Mini Skirt, 3. Rhie Cross Body Bag, 4. Handmade Premium Acetate Flat Brow Sunglasses, 5. Dabble Two Part Sandals.
This look is fresh and so good for the hot weather! The cherry detail on the bardot style top just screams Summer and the lace up detail on the skirt adds that extra little something to make the outfit a lot more interesting. Also, the inclusion of the cross body bag simply means that you can have your hands free in order to get on with your day-to-day activities without having to worry about juggling your basic necessities.


From Left: 1. Shirred Bardot Top, 2. Moto Wrap Denim Skirt, 3. Wave Logo Cap, 4. Tortoiseshell Frame Sunglasses, 5. Kas Western Ankle Boots, 6. Sienna Leather Slouch Hobo Bag.
Okay, I may have a slight attachment to bardot tops...and denim skirts...and black shoes. I created this outfit with a fun shopping day in mind, especially one with the girls, and I love the combination of these studded ankle boots that have the potential to make any feminine look like this one, a whole lot more edgy. All you need to do now is add a pair of sunglasses and a varsity cool hat and you'll be ready to go out into the sun!


From Left: 1. Tie Dye Jersey Playsuit, 2. Soul Faux Leather Biker Jacket, 3. Double Buckle Studded Belt, 4. Stella Soft Bucket Bag, 5. Oversized Maisie Style Sunglasses, 6. Hive Pearl Detail Sandals.
It's Sundaaaaay! The day where it is 100% okay to wear whatever you want and not feel guilty about it, including an outfit that just exudes comfort. This playsuit offers style and comfort all in one, whilst the biker jacket, belt and studded sandals simply add a rock-chic vibe that will leave you lusting after more!

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