Friday 23 June 2017

Brow Ready?

Hey lovelies!

I am a lover of brows and I believe that, if they're well defined, they have the potential to complete any makeup look that you choose to create.

I remember when I used to do absolutely nothing to my brows and I would be completely fine about it, it really didn't affect me at all. To be honest with you, that wasn't actually too long ago but it's safe to say that I have since found the light and have made the conscious decision to fill in my eyebrows in one way or another.

I love my brows but like many others I wasn't blessed with ones that are both naturally and perfectly structured. I don't think that my brows require much change but I would definitely improve their slight lack of definition which is something that takes a lot of practice to get right, not to mention the correct products. I do, however, put the focus on my browbones and always make sure that they're relatively highlighted which is my way of giving off that sleek, clean-cut look that I desire.

I have perused the list of my favourite beauty bloggers and have chosen a few photos in order to show you who I'm inspired by and who I can't help but sit and stare in awe at every time they post a selfie on Instagram. Hopefully you can stop yourself from doing the same just in time to get your brows runway ready too - I sure have a long way to go, eeeek!


Image from: @carlibel
Image from: @danimansutti
Image from: @lustrelux
Image from: @taliamarmusic
Image from: @nicoleguerriero

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