Monday 17 July 2017

Retail Therapy Anyone?

Hey lovelies!

Ever heard of retail therapy? Now, you would think that a blogger, like myself, would be naturally familiar with this concept but, in all honesty, I didn't become familiar with the effects of it until 3 or so months ago.

Retail therapy (R.T) is one of those things that can often be associated with the purchasing of items in order for us to feel a little better about ourselves or just perk up an otherwise mundane and disappointing day. We've all had our fair share of those and it is so easy to mope around or feel sorry for ourselves, hence the need for a little bit of R.T.

The point at which I discovered the blissful effects of this type of 'therapy' was a time when I was feeling very insecure about a couple of things in my life and no matter how much I tried to switch my brain off from them, those negative thoughts would come back to me every single time without fail. I opened up to my family about it and my mum was actually the first person to suggest that I take half a day or a whole day off so that I could focus on myself and, if I happened to see something that I liked, I could buy it. The idea of being consumed with thinking about others and what they wanted from me eventually led to me forgetting about the things that I loved doing - once you do that, it's difficult to go back.

The moment I went out and hit the town, with my student budget of course, was the moment I realised just how good it made me feel to not have to go out and do things like pick up food for the fridge or pick up cleaning products for my flat -  a very common occurrence might I add. I enjoyed being in control of my own happiness and I didn't have to think about what anyone else wanted for that short period of time, I could focus on myself and only myself. 

To some degree, I can understand how selfish this can seem to an outsider but there's nothing wrong with wanting and actually taking time out for yourself. The sense of freedom you feel is insane, you can breathe for a little bit and you soon want to do it again and again. There is a slight danger in this, however, because the last thing you need or want is relying on material goods for your own happiness.

If you choose to delve into the world of retail therapy, then create limits or boundaries so that you don't find yourself with financial problems, a lack of space in your home, or an unhealthy obsession to get a quick fix of happiness. You have to find what works for you and what gets you smiling from ear to ear without having to compromise your hard earned money and mental well-being.

Love you all!!


  1. I think retail therapy is totally underestimated. There's something really enjoyable about the treat yourself mentality and it's something I like to do from time to time, particularly when I'm a bit down in the dumps. x |

    1. I love to treat myself, there is always some sort of feeling it gives me - almost as if I'm having a little pick-me up from time to time! Hope you're feeling great now though! x