Tuesday 29 May 2018

Spring/Summer Outfits 2018

(From Top Left: Lilac Denim Hacked Jacket // Wide Leg Bandeau Jumpsuit // Classic Vest // Gloria Two Part Court Shoes // Denim Fringed Bum Bag // Lilac Denim Shorts // Grasp Court Shoes // Side Stripe Mom Shorts)

Hey lovelies!

I'm baaaaack and not only am I back with a new blog post, but I am also back with Not Vicarious itself! I know that things may look exactly the same, but my content is changing, it's getting bigger and better and plus...there are more changes to come - clearly I was just too impatient and simply itching to get some of my new stuff out there for you to see! Honestly, I have loved being able to get back to the blogging grind and push myself to develop a more creative yet seamless style when it comes to my images as well as the main body of text in my posts.

Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoy perusing this year's first bi-annual blog post - seven Spring/Summer outfits that incorporate plenty of those gorgeous 'New-in' items on the Topshop website! Read on for this season's trends and how you can spoil yourself rotten with the latest pieces from one of my favourite stores...

(From Top Left: Knot Front Camisole Top // Eagle Shoulder Bag // Nancy Two Part Sandals // Moto Mid Blue Step Hem Straight Leg Jeans)
A fresh way to start off the week! This is the perfect Spring outfit for those cool, sunny days where it isn't hot enough to lose the jeans but it's definitely warm enough to break out those sandals and a good old tie-up top. The latest trend this coming season is all about the pastels and how could you ever go wrong with pastel pink! Although, if you feel as if you're lacking that edge, grab this eagle shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses and you'll be ready to hit the streets!


(From Top Left: Raw Hem Shacket // Rainbow Striped Camisole Top // Sweetheart Beaded Backpack (Black) // Denim Frill Trim Shorts // Angelica Pointed Mules (Black) // Angelica Pointed Mules (White) // Sweetheart Beaded Backpack (Red))
The next trend that I want to focus on this season is bold colour. I love outfits that pop and although I adore black and wear it practically all the time, there is something about incorporating that nice bright red into an outfit, like I have done here! I created this look with the idea that you can mix and match items if you feel that there is too much of one colour, for example: if there is too much red then pair the black backpack with the look instead of the red, and if you feel as if there is too much white then pair the black mules with the look rather than the white. Colour coordinating is so easy and despite the fact that there are basic rules that you need to abide by, the rest of it is simply down to preference and what you feel comfortable in, you can choose!


(From Top Left: Diamante Strap Camisole Top // Moto White Diamante Jamie Jeans // Panther Cross Body Bag // Buckle Shoulder Bag // Rachel Toe Loop Sandals // Sequin Bum Bag)
Since the Fourth of July will be on a Wednesday this year, this outfit is purely focused on red, white and blue! The first thing to point out with this look is those very interesting pair of toe loop sandals. I can understand that some of you are unsure about the plastic that feature on these sandals but they are in season this Spring/Summer, so if you're brave enough and love a fashion challenge then I dare you to try out a pair or even recreate this look (if you can spare the money of course)! If you want some extra sparkle to replicate the 4th July fireworks, then pick up a pair of these diamante jeans and this crazy cool sequin bum bag especially if you're not in the mood for a classic cross body or shoulder bag - although they are great options if you want to mix things up, amp up the white or red colour in your look or even abide by the multiple bag trend!


(From Left: Wrap Frill Mini Dress // Leather Bum Bag // Gail Slingback Heels)
I have wanted one of these dresses for so long! I love them so much because not only are they super flattering on a lot of figures but they just skim over any of your so called "sore points" or "unflattering areas" and accentuate your waist instead. I must admit, I may have made this outfit a little daring with the leopard print heels and bum bag but I wanted to spice things up and give off a different look rather than making every outfit look like a tomato costume with all the red items!


(From Left: Rainbow Sequin Body // Suede Popper Mini Skirt // Gail Slingback Heels // Cross Body Bag)
If you're a lover of a good old disco then you'll be a fan of this rainbow sequin bodysuit! You'll definitely be the life and soul of the party if you pair this item with a classic black suede mini skirt, slingback heels and a chevron detailed bag - you may have gone back in time but you'll have done it in style! I really wish there was a matching skirt to go with this bodysuit because that would have been absolutely amazing but often, if you have one crazy item, it's usually best to keep the rest of the outfit pretty toned down.

(From Left: Disc Sequin Slip Dress // Beaded Shoulder Bag // Rachel Top Loop Sandals)
Now this is what I'm talking about! This style of dress was something that I saw on some of the girls at my uni's Summer Ball last year and despite the fact that I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it myself, I still think that it is a crazy cool dress perfect for any occasion that involves breaking out of comfort zones and embracing your inner diva, plus sequins are in this season if you needed another reason to be convinced! The beaded bag and toe loop sandals in white add some extra pazazz and make this look so much more fun and snazzy!


(From Left: Ribbed Tie Back Body // Moto Bright Floral Denim A-Line Skirt // Hanna Fringe Sliders // Nylon Backpack)
This outfit is a little bit unusual for me but I wanted to incorporate a variety of patterns into this post and I had to do so using some lovely embroidered pieces including this skirt, because how could you go wrong with floral embroidery?! The look here is relatively casual but brings in a hint of femininity with a tie back bodysuit and some eclectic slides that will be sure to make you stand out and do all of the talking for you!



  1. All of these outfits are fab and really perfect for summer. I loving Thursdays outfit the most I think!

    Grace x

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Thursday's outfit is such a game changer and I have noticed that mixing prints is one of the latest trends for this season so I wanted to try it out for one of the seven looks that I created. I'm so glad you like the post Grace! x

  2. You have such a good eye for style- thank you so much for sharing, I love getting inspiration from fellow bloggers! Absolutely loving leopard print at the moment so that bag might be added to my basket pretty soon....

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | www.lifeaftercoffeeblog.com | @NAfterCoffee

    1. Yaaaaaaay, I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading this post! You definitely need to pick up more of these items from Topshop and be sure to let me know how you style them! Sending good vibes your way too Nati! x

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