Wednesday 8 August 2018

The Red Letter Day Experience: The Shard, London

Hey lovelies!

I'm going to start this post by saying wow, wow, wow! I've lived in London my entire life but never have I seen it in such a grand scale!

Now I must admit, I love a good deal, I mean don't we all?! Red Letter Day is always stocked up with the latest deals on their site and I'm so glad to have been able to choose one of them for a day and spend it with someone special! The experience I chose included: the View from The Shard and a 3 course meal at Marco Pierre White's City Steakhouse. I've only blogged about The Shard in this post because most likely, if I included the restaurant we attended, it would turn out as more of a restaurant review and that's not my forte but my goodness was the food delicious!

The Shard was pretty cool because not only do you have the chance to see a 360° view of London with the river and the quintessential skyline but you also get to experience an inside-outside rooftop lounge area if you choose to go up a level from the original viewing platform! If you're wondering what I mean by "inside-outside", I'm simply referring to the fact that although you're inside, The Shard at the very top does not taper to a close so you do get to feel the fresh air coming through the roof, which is perfect for those new hot days we're having in the UK this Summer!

Side note: for those scared of heights, there is no need to worry because you won't be able to fall out anywhere, the gaps are safely out of reach! I just wanted to mention it, since I'm aware some may have a phobia of heights of some scale.


If you're wanting a souvenir to remember the trip, I highly recommend approaching the small machine on the viewing platform. All you have to do is insert a £1 coin, choose a design, turn the wheel and wait for the already loaded 2p coin to be flattened out into a beautiful little takeaway gift!


Definitely but with a deal! The Red Letter Day Experience was definitely one to remember because I got to have my blogger moment in front of a wall of flowers and a flower arch too and I also managed to see London in all its glory! I do think that for one ticket, it is a tad expensive (currently at £24.50*) and I think that you can easily spend some more money and get yourself a deal that could include what would've been an expensive meal too!

Let me know in the comment section down below if you've been to The Shard before and if so, what was your experience like? Do you think it was worth your money? I want to hear your views!


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