Thursday 25 October 2018

The Darkness Is Inevitable

Hey lovelies!

I just thought that I would take a mid-full week break from the Halloween content to bring you something that is a little different and maybe a little shorter than my usual posts. I know that I've been branching out a lot more lately with the type of content that I've been making but I feel as if Blogtober is one of the few times of the year when I can change it up and try out something new in such a condensed space of time. I hope you don't mind!

Today I came across a short excerpt that I wrote around three years ago after I watched and got inspired by a video called 'Sparks: A Visual Poem' on Meghan Rienks' YouTube channel! The video is centred around a poem that Meghan wrote about the darkness that takes place in our life and how, despite the fact that it is always there, life will also give you moments where the weight lifts off of our shoulders and you feel this sense of overwhelming happiness. I remember writing the excerpt below after truly feeling the emotion that she felt in this visual poem and felt compelled to say my truth in writing as I always do and always have done.

Here's what I wrote...

"I was waiting for you to tell me that the darkness was inevitable, and sure enough it came, with a bitter drop upon my moment of release; a time where my happiness heightened to a level so unexpected, my heart felt overwhelmed. You speak my language and yet it's not possible to refrain from venturing on that journey again. I nod at every word, believing you because I've felt it too, that spark, that beautiful light that fills you, that unexpected glory."

I hope that you've felt that spark more than once in your life so far! I believe it is truly one of the most wonderful things in this world and although it is often fleeting, it feels so good in the moment so please make sure to cherish it when it's there! Leave me a comment down below if you've felt that spark in a time of darkness, I want to hear about your experiences if you so wish to share them 💖


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