Friday 26 October 2018

Virtually Meeting An Inspiration

Hey lovelies!

Getting to know someone you've never met but look up to online is something that is both daunting and so exciting! Over the last few months I have been speaking to the loveliest person and she is someone who I may not have been watching from the very start of her YouTube career but have been watching long enough to see a side of her that might be misunderstood by a lot of people. I think that not everyone is able to see the beauty in every type of personality be it loud, quiet, swearing loads, swearing a little but each human has a beautiful spark in them and they may not be for everyone but they are so sweet in their own way!

I guess on some levels, when it comes to this particular situation, you're worried about appearing as "just a fan" of somebody's work rather than a potential friend to an individual who you could really get on with...if only they lived in the same country! I love talking to people, especially if it's someone who is a joy to talk to and whose work I really enjoy seeing, but I often find that there is a limit on the amount of interaction you can have with one person before it looks like you're just annoying or attention seeking! I don't know what that limit is but I feel that sometimes I cross it, although that may be another issue for another day hahaha! Thankfully the interaction that I've had with this lovely girl has been so wonderful and heartwarming so if there is a chance to grow our relationship in the future, I welcome it wholeheartedly! Obviously I get nervous about appearing annoying but I speak to those I look up to or admire in a way that puts us both on the same level as one another so, in my situation, I'm just grateful to be treated like an equal in return!

With that said, I honestly feel as if there is this mentality nowadays that if a brand, influencer, YouTuber or whoever it may be reacts to a comment of yours or your content or just generally something you've said, you almost have to act like it's a completely normal everyday occurrence and it's really not! I get so annoyed because it's almost as if we have to stop ourselves from "fangirling" or simply getting excited about something that, prior to the point where we started making something of ourselves, we would've been jumping up and down and screaming at the top of our lungs because we were just that happy. I often have a "what has this world come to?" attitude every time I see a lack of enthusiasm from an individual who may be genuinely excited about the situation but gives off the impression that they have to hide that previously mentioned excitement because it would make them less cool. I understand that everybody reacts differently but it's as if we have to become robots and close off our emotions for the fear of appearing "normal" and "real".

I will forever be grateful for new opportunities and will not let my true feelings of pure happiness go astray or be hidden for the sake of seeming too real! Be sure to leave me a message in the comment section down below telling me about any experience that you've had with someone you look up to, did it meet your expectations or was it a little bit of a disaster? Let's chat!


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