Classic Date Night Combo - The Red Lip & Eyeliner

Hey lovelies!

Date nights may often be viewed as tricky things to prepare for when getting ready and whether you've been together with your partner for your definition of "ages" or are newly starting out, you want to look as good as you can - unless of course it's a couch date which in that case feel free to chuck your hair in a bun and wear your pj's!

There are so many different types of date night looks out there but I have always been in awe of the classic Old Hollywood red lip and black eyeliner combo. I find that it is such an easy look to create and if you've decided to go bare faced throughout the day, you can still have that no makeup feeling in the evening without having to add too much to your face.

The fact that this look consists of just two features means that there is always room to incorporate your own personal preferences for your base makeup, your brows and naturally the rest of your look, including that killer outfit that ties everything together!

Dates are always romantic and so it helps to have a makeup look that complements your smile, and is in tune with how you're feeling when you're with someone. Personally having cat-like eyes and a red lip reflects the romance that I feel when on a dinner date for example but that's definitely not to say that on dates that take place during the day, I choose the same look but rather something more fresh and glowy - it changes all the time!

Feel free to check out the end of this post for the full product description and leave me a message in the comment section down below letting me know what your go-to date night makeup looks like!


Products Used:
LIPS: Elizabeth Arden Lip Spa Lipcolour in Poppy (Unavailable) - Similar.

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