Friday 1 March 2019

Spring Bloom | Peach Toned Eyes and Bubblegum Pink Lips

Hey lovelies!

Spring is almost upon us and I wanted to channel a look that was new and fresh! Pinks and peaches are a must for this time of year as they help to mark the beautiful transition to even brighter colours once Summer rolls around.

The inspiration behind the makeup featured in this post came from the recent London Fashion Week that featured light base makeup and cotton candy tones on the eyes. Thankfully I love both of these things and felt that I could do it justice with my own interpretation so that you too can get inspired for the Spring/Summer months!

If you're wondering whether or not I'm wearing brown eyeliner, the truth is it's actually black eyeliner that was muted and altered to look brown by the peach eyeshadow that I used. This was in no way my intention but I loved the overall effect and thought it went perfectly with the rest of the look. The bubblegum pink lips were the cherry on top of the cake as I felt that the glossy texture gave off that common yet slightly irritating glossy lip you get from lollipops, therefore tying in with the candy aspect without too much stickiness!

If you love this look as much as I do then be sure to leave a comment in the section down below so that we can chat all things Spring and makeup - two of my favourite things!


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  1. Out of all the looks you have done, THIS is my favourite on you 😍 I know you love a nude lip, but I love love LOVE the glossy bubblegum pink, and the peachy colours suit you so well! This fresh look is absolutely stunning, and you look so gorgeous here ❤️

    (A very jealous) Beka |

    1. Awwww Beka!! You're so sweet to me, thank you so much gal! I loved creating this look so I'm very happy that others have loved seeing the final result! 😊 xx