Blue Crush | Blue Indigo Glitter Eyeshadow

Makeup: Elena Pylarinos MUA
Hey lovelies!

Bold colour play is one of Elena Pylarinos MUA's specialities and I would basically be lost without her expertise and talent! What's more her attention to detail when working on clients is effortless and always makes you feel so at ease regardless of your own personal experience with makeup and the specific requirements that you have.

This look features a blue glitter pigment, once again by Helen É Cosmetics, with a hint of pink-purple flecks that give the eyeshadow a unique twist compared to any other pigment that Elena and I have used in the various looks that she has created on my face before. Regardless of whether you are attending a festival, a prom or any other special occasion, this look will help you get in the mood for a fun night and will seriously make your eye colour pop!

Once again, the rest of the makeup is kept light and neutral to prevent the chaos of having your face painted in a whole range of colours that would most likely detract from the overall vibe that you're trying to give off -  we want the eyes to do the talking right?! Exactly! Makeup has such powers and I will always feel forever grateful to the power that blue eyeshadow has in making my features look a little more vibrant!

I would love if you could let me know what you thought of this look in the comment section down below! Did you love it or is it too bold for your liking? We all have different preferences so I won't be offended, let's chat either way!


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