Tuesday 10 September 2019

Like My Mama - #IRecreateMyMumsLookWhenSheWasMyAge

Hey lovelies!

So...the green eyes, the eyebrows, the lashes and this makeup look - I got it from my mama and I'm proud. My sister and I were recently going through old photos and came across some of my mum when she was younger and oh my goodness, I knew my mum was beautiful (she still is) but I didn't know just how beautiful she was and how much she ALWAYS chose to make the effort even for the smallest occasion!

Over the weekend, I found myself wanting to create something but more specifically, I found myself wanting to re-create my mum's old makeup look and the hair that she had when she was around the same age that I am now, 22/23 years old. Before we get into this properly however, I have to let you know that my mum was and still is a true lipstick fanatic and you may be wondering what that means but all I'll say is, you know that "one product you can't live without" question - her answer will 100% be...lipstick, brown lipstick to be exact. Shockingly though, the photo that I was trying to recreate makeup wise consisted of a bit of smudged black liner around the eyes, very minimal mascara and blusher and a red lip - what a classy woman hey!

The hair, on the other hand, is a completely different story! Having not been born with the thicker, fuller hair she desired, my mum opted for a perm and I don't blame her because having super curly hair is actually a dream; although I'm sure those who were born with it would much rather have the opposite but hey that's always the way!

This hair right here was perfectly formed by the BaByliss Tight Curls Wand (10mm barrel) and boy did it make me look like Curly Sue and Shirley Temple rolled into one! I really wanted to get that super tight curly look that a perm would give you but with just way less chemicals and less long-term damage seeing as I'm not a huge heat on the hair person.

I can't help but laugh at just how little my mum used to put on her face when she was my age. I look at what makeup products I use now and how long it takes me to apply a full face of makeup and she was there for probably 3 minutes putting on the slightest bit of blush, eyeliner and a lipstick. I remember sitting on the floor in front of my mirror, recreating this look and asking her: "so what exactly did you use for this look? Did you have mascara on? Were you wearing bronzer?"

Honestly my face when she said "no" was just hilarious - I was sitting there thinking I'm not about to look like a bald racoon with no cheekbones but I perservered and only applied a small amount of mascara to make my eyelashes as dark as hers and I left the bronzer to help me slay another day! The red lip was the hardest to master and not only because red lipstick can get super messy but I found it difficult to find the right shade. In the end I decided to leave it like this and have that perfect mix of a pinky red and I must say it worked perfectly!

I really enjoyed myself doing this and letting my mum influence what I looked like for a day because afterall she did give birth to me and I feel I owe it to her to look a little more like her as well as honour her younger self because oh my are the similarities ridiculous!

I've always said that if I can be half the person my mum is when I grow up then I can count myself so, so, so lucky. She has the power to light up a room and anyone around her from my best friends, to the rest of my family, to other loved ones and to people who may only have met her once know how she has a wicked sense of humour and a huge heart of gold. Thankfully she passed some of that onto me!

Everything from her beauty marks on her cheeks to her sunshine of a smile - she is my best friend, my heart and soul, my rock and the person to whom I owe a huge part of who I am today. I love you mum, forever and ever!

Let me know in the comment section down below what you thought of this look - are you just as obsessed with it as I am! Let's chat you beautiful people!

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