Tuesday 15 October 2019

Music Is My Soul

Blogtober Day Eleven
Hey lovelies!

"If music be the food of love, play on" - I must admit, Shakespeare was a wise man. My love for music is not a recent obsession, but more so a constant need to thrive, to feel the emotions and have the desire to live out those emotions through every beat and every word sung. I have a deep connection with music and whilst I understand that for some, listening to dance music doesn't necessarily soothe you or allow you to be in the moment, there are so many different genres that can make you feel some type of way whatever your mood and whatever your taste.

Music features a never-ending spectrum of moods, minds, and magic and without it I would be a little more lost than I let on. There's something about going down the escalators on the Underground, looking around whilst everybody goes on with their lives and you're standing there with Old Town Road acting as the soundtrack to that particular moment. I like to compare it to those adverts you get in the cinema that showcase how seeing a movie in the cinema is a sure fire way of being able to feel as if you're in every single scene. Well sure enough that's what music is to me. Every song, every beat, every note and every lyric pretty much. It feeds my emotions and it feeds my soul in ways that nothing else can.

I can't figure out how they do it but musicians are somehow so much better at being able to put a mood or an emotion into words and have it make sense; hallelujah for their talent! Without them I sure wouldn't be able to have a dance party in my house that gives me such overwhelming happiness...or sadness (depending on the song) compared to if I were to dance in silence. It makes life interesting and it makes you remember things.

Music to me is like your favourite perfume in the sense that it can bring back memories, it can remind people of you and it can make any and every situation that much sweeter, maybe even bittersweet. I have never-ending videos of me singing along or miming to my favourite songs and I could very easily spend most of my time making these videos and pretending I'm much cooler than I actually am!

I mean let's be honest, who doesn't imagine that they're performing at their own concert in front of thousands of their adoring fans or making their own music video because I sure do! I may actually be alone in my room but my soul is in the moment, creating my own cheesy magic through my own little recreations - I promise you it is normal and not at all sad haha!

To be on the safe side though, leave me a comment down below letting me know that I'm not alone in this! In all honesty, even if you all find me a little weird, I really don't mind because in those moments when I'm in my music bubble listening to every song loud and proud, I am at my happiest! 


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