Why My Blog Seems To Showcase More Beauty Than Fashion Lately...

Blogtober Day Ten
Hey lovelies!

This post is a big one to the extent that I could potentially be opening up a can of worms or maybe revealing something that other people can't see but nevertheless I feel it. I once saw this quote that said: "You are so used to your features, you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger" and it got me thinking about how harsh we can be about ourselves and the way we look. I have spent years beating myself up about the fact that I have always been a little bigger than the girls I know or the other women I pass in the street and it always sticks at the back of my mind, bugging me every now and again.

You see I am a very observant person which can be great in crucial moments but when you're constantly observing other people and looking at what beautiful features they have and that you don't, it can be a little soul crushing to say the least. I try to do it less and less but when you're on the train and there's nothing else to do but people watch, there's hardly time to escape it!

Bringing your attention back to the original idea behind this post though, some of you may be looking at the title thinking: "maybe beauty is just your blogging area of expertise" but the truth is the reason why my blog seems to showcase more beauty than fashion lately is because I'm just not ready. I truly do not feel that I am in the best physical shape of my life and whilst I'm not asking to have a model figure so that I can feel comfortable creating fashion content, I am wanting to become healthier in order to see mental and physical results that I would be proud to show off.

Personally I don't believe that my body aspirations are linked to any societal norms because firstly I do not agree with them all, nor do I fit in with most of these traditional societal norms and nor do I want to in all honesty. I truly appreciate my body and what it has to offer but when I find myself wanting to shoot outfit photos or do anything fashion related, I end up having THOSE thoughts.

THOSE thoughts being the ones where you doubt your potential and the ones that leave you questioning all that you are - they can be so utterly detrimental to the point where they have the power to put me off from doing something that I could really enjoy! I think that it's fair to say that this feeling is very common in so many individuals and that's a sad fact of life because no one wants to feel less than they actually are. Most of all though, no one wants to feel as though they need to overcompensate or overshadow their "flaws" by showcasing one feature of theirs (e.g. their face) in photos in order to divert away from what they don't like about themself (e.g. their body) but then again, it's all about what you're comfortable with I guess.

Maybe in the near future I will be able to muster up the courage to create fashion content but in the meantime, I would love if you could let me know in the comment section down below if that is something that you would like to see from me! What do you prefer: wishlists or actual photos of me wearing the clothes rather than just photos of the items? Let's get chatting, I want to hear your thoughts! 


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