Thursday 31 October 2019

My Favourite Blogtober Memory - A Photo Diary

Blogtober Day Twenty Three
Hey lovelies!

Happy Halloween!! Now that Blogtober has drawn to a close and all the posts have successfully gone live, I think that it is high time I did a bit of reflecting!

My favourite memory from Blogtober has got to be the weekend that has just gone. My family, my boyfriend and I spent both Saturday and Sunday indulging in all things Halloween and that most certainly included carving my very FIRST pumpkin (mine is the witch)!

I adored being creative and also having the chance to have a mini shopping spree beforehand to find little bits and bobs that would make the whole weekend just that much better. The little sign, the sweets, the pumpkins, the Halloween headbands and the carving tools worked a treat! I even got my boyfriend to do my makeup on the Sunday (the result of which can be found on my Instagram haha) and it was all-in-all such a lovely, sweet success!

If you would like some spooky photos, feel free to peruse the photos that I have included down below and let's all say goodbye to Blogtober 2019! Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know if you enjoyed my content this time around. What was your favourite post and would you like to see me participate in Blogtober again? I want to know!



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