Thursday 17 October 2019

My Top 5 Favourite Games This Season & Beyond

Blogtober Day Thirteen
Hey lovelies!

Gaming. Boy does it take over your world once you get into! I mean, as much as I'd like to say that I'm ace at playing Fortnite, I'm the best at Grand Theft Auto, I'm the fastest on Need for Speed and I'm the greatest trader on FIFA, the reality of it is I struggle. I don't really know why I've never gotten the hang of playing games like these but I know for a fact that it's not for a want of trying, I just need hours and hours of practice haha!

I've discovered though that I love a game especially when it's portable, I can play it on the go, I can use it without Wifi or data, and it is fun or entertaining in some way. Mobile phone games  for those reasons are always a must for me.  

Personally amongst all the social media accounts, the endless apps and the resources that I need for adulting, I want a bit of a breather and to have something that can either train my brain or let it rest for a little while so I don't have to think too much.

So if you're wondering what kind of games I'm playing at the moment then just keep reading...

1. Homescapes - You may have already seen this advertised absolutely everywhere by now but I downloaded this game over a year and a half ago and I have managed to get way over level 600 and I'm majorly proud of that! If you love Candy Crush, this is super similar but with a little extra twist/quirk.

2. Colour Bump 3D - I have to say that a lot of these 3D games from the Good Job Games family are so freaking cool to play and very addictive too! I love playing this one when I'm on the train and need a distraction whilst I wait for my stop.

3. Idle Supermarket - This is for sure another game company (CodiGames) that have created very similar but equally cool games for you to play. I'm not going to lie but I sure do get a little obsessed with the constant growth of my supermarket in this game - I love hitting the targets!

4. Klondike Adventures - Such a cute game with its hard working village and real time challenges, I don't think that I could ever get bored of this one. I adore being able to find new treasures and constantly engage with the ever-growing, adaptive storyline.

5. Zipline Valley - Last but not least we've got this thought provoking and mental challenging game. I think it's pretty cool how you're tested on every level to try to get the little characters all the way home on this zipline, safe and sound, whilst trying to dodge all the obstacles. You need to try it out!

...and there we have it! If you have any suggestions or recommendations for other games I should play then send them my way by leaving a comment in the section down below!


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