Friday 18 October 2019

Will You Ever Be Good Enough?

Blogtober Day Fourteen
Hey lovelies!

What would you do if you could be the person that you've always wanted to be? Would you shout from the top of the mountain? Would you stop worrying and feeling immense anxiety about not being good enough? Would everything be magically fixed?

I guess we never really know the answers to these questions until it becomes our reality but I often wonder, will that ever happen? Will we ever be truly happy once we reach that goal or that idea of who we dream of being or will we always want more and never be happy? There's always that risk.

The thought of not feeling good enough is one that affects us all at one point or another and it hurts, it truly hurts. Your brain has a way of tricking you into thinking that you are less than you actually are, that what you amount to is less than the girl/guy sitting next to you on the train or the girl/guy that you chat to at work.

Everyone is somehow prettier than you, more intelligent, funnier, the best person in the room or the most popular, and what are you I hear you ask yourself...not any of things...or so you think.

The overused, total cliche of a solution? You need to love yourself for who you are even though it feels like the hardest thing to do on the planet. You're not going to love EVERY part of you but you are going to find ways to forgive your 'flaws' simply because you have so many amazing things to offer in this world. Your potential is never-ending, your worth is invaluable, and your beauty both inside and out is exquisite. Remember, there's nobody like you so take comfort in that fact and treasure it!

I have heard myself ask those "am I good enough?" questions a lot lately and it may be due to a change of environment but it's still not a good reason to silently beat myself up about the fact that I'm not who I think everyone wants me to be. The important thing for you and I to know is that we are good enough no matter what others say, no matter what the insecure side of our brain says, no matter how much we keep telling ourselves otherwise. We ARE enough.


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