Tuesday 8 October 2019

Physically Meeting An Inspiration

Blogtober Day Six
Hey lovelies!

So if you've been around since last Blogtober then you'll know that I created a post called Virtually Meeting An Inspiration where I talked about having the opportunity to have an online friendship with someone that you admire and look up to when it comes to your mindset, style and just general overall attitude.

This Blogtober, I am so happy to say that the constant virtual meeting I had with Casee Brimblecombe via Instagram ended up turning into a physical meeting...that's right, I met the doll that is Casee Brimblecombe herself and I couldn't have had a better time!

To begin the story, it was a warm yet slightly windy day in June and I was heading to Tower Bridge to meet both herself and the lovely Brandon (her then boyfriend, now fiance and soon to be husband) and to say I was nervous is a slight understatement as I'm sure that many others in this situation would also have gone through the usual: "what if they don't like me in person? What if they don't find me as funny? What if they hate me? Do I look okay?" - amongst many other annoying thoughts and irrational questions.

Our mini London date had been postponed by a day the first time round but it was definitely worth the wait. I mean I can try to describe to you what the whole experience was like detail for detail but that would come across WAY too fangirl for my liking so I'll stick to the basics hahaha!

One thing that I remember super clearly from that day is walking out to the outdoor seating area and just seeing this absolutely gorgeous girl, sitting there bathing in the golden hour sunlight, skin glowing and blonde hair perfectly waved and I just thought "WOW."

Honestly though, I find it so ridiculous and so unfair that someone can look THAT good when they've been walking around London for most of the day, sight-seeing, getting hot and bothered but still look like a freaking GODDESS! I've asked her to teach me her ways on many occasions and I'm still waiting haha!

The whole experience was beyond incredible. The three of us sat there and talked for about 2.5-3 hours, never getting bored but just enjoying the company and talking about all things British and Aussie...I'm still scarred by Brandon's description of the Australian spiders and his hilarious interpretation of the British phrase "You alright?" 😂

If there's a few things that I could say to Casee I would start off with a HUGE thank you for making such a cute dream of mine a reality. I left the restaurant/bar feeling so incredibly special, happy and content and not because I had met THE Casee Brimblecombe but more so because she has this power of making you feel so good about yourself even when you tell her over and over again how much better she looks in photos compared to you!

The girl has a body that many would envy and a personality that proves to be highly contagious and yet it's her authentic self that I end up being drawn to. Admittedly it is so weird being able to talk to her about things I see in her videos and know things about her that only her best friends should probably know but it's her honesty and her realness that made meeting her in person so amazing. Fingers crossed she comes back to London again very, very soon and this time I'll pay for your drinks!


Let me know in the comment section down below if you've met your favourite YouTuber, blogger, actor, actress or whoever it may be in person! Was it an incredible experience or were you left disappointed? I want to know!


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