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London, UK
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Hey lovelies!

I hope you're all doing well considering the circumstances! I am sorry it took so long to get this post up for you but as with a lot of us, it took me some time trying to get used to this isolation thing and what it meant for me and my loved ones.

Now I know that it's been a "hot minute" (as they say) since I spoke about these gorgeous highlighter sticks from Bali Body on my blog but I couldn't let this look and these photos that I took in February go to waste. I promised you a post where I wear all three shades and you're going to get that right now!

So I don't think that it's a secret that I was over the moon when I received these products in the mail because as a makeup lover, the chance to try out something new and exciting is one that I am always ready for especially now that we are in isolation.

I took it upon myself to try something a little different with the highlighter sticks this time and use the bronze shade 'Sunkissed' as an eyeshadow to give me a tanned glow that perfectly complemented my eyes, making the green pop! Thankfully, due to the formula of the product itself, it's super easy to blend across my eyelids but I definitely recommend applying the highlighter straight to your lids and then blending the colour out with your go-to eyeshadow brush and building it up to whatever 'glow level' you prefer.

As for 'Rose Gold', it's a beautiful shade for highlighting your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes, which I did in both of the looks I've showcased here on my blog. 'Moonlit' on the other hand is what I tend to use on my cheekbones as I prefer an opal shade that blends well with my blusher and bronzer/contour without adding too much additional colour. The same can be said for highlighting my collarbone as nobody wants to see random streaks on my skin so I opted for the lightest highlighter shade for my fair skin tone.

Remember, if the highlight ever gets too intense just use your beauty blender or foundation brush to tone it down - applying highlighter (powder or liquid) can be a slippery slope but it's all about finding that balance and what works best for your features!

*Gifted but all opinions are my own*
Be sure to let me know what you think of this look and if you've got your hands on these highlighter sticks from Bali Body! If not, feel free to click the (non-affiliate) link below and...happy shopping!

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