Tuesday 26 September 2023

What is a 'home'?

Hey lovelies!!

Home. Home to me can be a person, a place or even myself. I don't believe that there is just one home for me in this universe, I think people can have multiple so they feel comfortable wherever they go.

I often find myself referencing things in my head that I view as 'home' because they either make me feel safe, loved or secure or all those things combined. I can have more than one physical home, for example: my family home and my own home, just as I can feel at home with a partner, at a BTS concert (one day), in Seoul by the river or alone dancing to my favourite music.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't have to be about a physical building in the conventional way we view a home for it to be classified as one but rather sometimes it's more about the way something feels that makes it a home to you.

I once told somebody that: I guess that home stays in your heart. When someone is no longer around (for example, a family member) they don't stop being your home because that home is now in your mind. You could revisit memories or some find comfort "talking" to that person as though they're still around. A partner can be your home and you go to them for safety, to feel comfort, etc. You can also be your own home. You simply just change which one you go to depending on what you need.

In one of my previous posts I touched on how leaving home is a shock. I know that even though it's still there and it still exists, my relationship with it has adapted slightly because I've left it, but it will always be my favourite home and where I feel most me. It was where I did all my growing up, it's where my family is and it's pretty much all I've ever known up until recently.

Over the last year, I have adapted a lot and overcome quite a few hurdles in terms of my emotional feelings about having a new home but, as time goes on, I'm learning that there should always be a balance. Things don't stay the same forever and I've learnt to both embrace and appreciate the new opportunities that have come my way. I'm bringing my sense of home into this new home and slowly but surely I've warmed up to enjoying my time here.

Now that I've let time do its thing, I feel that I can start to look inwardly and improve the relationship I have with myself so I can make my home (i.e. my mind and body) more welcoming. I'll be sure to share bits and pieces with you along the way so feel free to check back in again soon.

Until next time...

Love always, Stephanie



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