Monday 2 March 2015

Summer Blues!

It’s cold!!! Trust me I understand that the seasons have to change but seriously now, it’s like living in an igloo! I don’t know about you but there are those odd days when you get to walk home and the sun is shining and it really helps you to forget that crisp early morning that you experienced when you thought your throat was going to close up and turn into an icicle.

Of course I exaggerate… *sighs*

Spending almost a month in Greece last summer definitely did not help; especially when you start reminiscing on the good times! I remember spending all of my time soaking up the rays, relaxing and doing absolutely nothing apart from admiring the beauty around me. I had such a great time, if only I had spent more time on the roof – now you may have taken that the wrong way but just to assure you, when I say roof I mean flat roof, top of the house, secure with railings (perfectly safe) and topped off with a Greek flag – what else!

I remember waking up every morning and looking forward to my day, I was far away from my worries, I didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time and I was able to go to the beach whenever I wanted to. There was nothing better than feeling peaceful and happy with everyone around you and being able to do what you wanted to do for a change rather than having to follow a schedule.

I loved it there and for once I didn’t feel like it was just another holiday in Greece. Something about me was different this time because I didn’t feel so insecure, I felt like me and I’m happy about that fact!



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